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Ray McCormack at FDIC 2012 Urban Essentials

Wed, 18 Apr 2012|



I -- McLaren -- a fire apparatus and emergency equipment magazine I'm here today with -- McCormick he's the co lead instructor. For the FDIC -- essentials hot revolutions. Right what are you -- some of the students are gonna walk away with from from this class. Well the urban essentials class was designed about around urban threats the firefighters and and things that. We see on the fire ground every day. And what stone's take away from here it is a way to handle those challenges and and safely handle those challenges that come out of it. One step ahead now a student doesn't have to be from the urban environment. To understand what this class is about and to get something from it because all firefighters can never predict what they're -- face in the field and this class designed around some basic things that we see every day. And our instructors. I just have a wealth of information to talk about any issue that might come -- qualifier grant their experience level is just unmatched. Back. Great thank you read this been Chris McLaren won't fire apparatus and emergency equipment with -- -- core Mac of the FDIC -- essentials hot plants.

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