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Erich Roden at FDIC 2012 Urban Essentials

Wed, 18 Apr 2012|



I'm here with -- -- -- he's one of the -- lead instructors for the FDIC -- essentials hot evolution. Plus some a little bit about Herbert essentials and what you guys are going through -- going to put in some of the troops there. Harder essentials -- second year doing the course it was a new course are designed around -- -- -- -- -- firefighters -- with regards to. Sort of force -- your concerns some of the force poetry. Obstacles that we have to overcome the window gates story gates. That DPS windows. Ha we have lots of -- commercial forcible entry -- career was so hard especially locks you see in our urban areas. On and some of the other women will use in their methods of of getting essentially getting our our energy companies in these. -- abilities. He mentioned a lot of equipment to talk a little bit about some of the estimates of what the sponsors to donate it to to the program here. I get responses here great equipment -- cost Barnard with the -- saws is a very soft. Half oriented class -- eight the help that they gave us in the equipment is outstanding. Off Firefox and -- -- farther forced -- tools. Their books saw blades. To -- tools all these props they're built in any firefighter can build them in their respective -- department saw that the wall drills saws. It's that are great job playing tools they work at a time really -- responsible directly into this. Great it's been Eric -- is one of the Kobe instructors for the for the.

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