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FDIC 2012: Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award

Thu, 19 Apr 2012|

Jack Murphy was the recipient of the 2012 Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award.



Question for you made a lot of terrible mistakes that we came with the belief that they get them out of -- -- are different. If you read this from what I wouldn't think it. Let's -- that -- that all of my people would they brought it to all of you the whole secret -- -- business I think it's the moment garbage as intimately and think the connected as you possibly. Very important to note the enemy is fire how the -- spreads convection conduction through radiation. And you -- -- you not feel you're gonna do battle on fire -- got a little battlefield. The premier position that the workers in this room that's what have put this surface -- Is that we are the most popular service for the most -- service where the most trusted service we have to -- to -- arrested because firefighters are worth saving. His message was always. To make a difference. To live life so that you were leaving a mark this award shows. Our family. That he truly made a difference. If you didn't flies a lot no matter how experienced you you gotta have something on the shoulders of quarterback and you because you don't know. There -- times and this thing. God just get me through this you know be a good Gloria. Go to church assignments and there everything yet -- through this. It's -- super thing and I'm very appreciative this award. I would just like to -- one simple little message today. Especially the younger people. Can't make it different. In my father were here this morning. Would remind -- of the cold hard fact that no leader is any greater than the men and women. -- than a month vacation which brings tremendous personal satisfaction. And to enjoy the association. With the marvelous people live a privileged to work -- Takes fire fighting in -- evolved from those sentence too much more mundane -- and I think like most people it. Had these things happen to. They realize that they really stand on the shoulders of people who have gone before them people who stand next to them and people they admire into the trap. Around and he preached a message of professionalism. And safety and that's what firefighters do for this country. It's -- somewhere in this room there is someone -- the other -- the stage accepting this award this award in the future. -- this is the that is the leadership of the fire service like to Begin by expressing each view -- honored and privileged Diane to have been selected. This year's recipient. But the Tom Brennan lifetime. -- -- Gentlemen who's done so much for this -- service. -- person like homeless friends. And of being associated with his legacy. Point in my. Tom Brennan -- a lifetime achievement award. I don't know how I even fitness equation anywhere but -- -- -- humbled and honored. You. You'll be -- -- somebody wanted to -- And now the lifetime achievement award joining me on stage is Eileen Brennan Tom's daughter. Today I have an awesome responsibility. Very few people in my life of -- is inflation influential. Motivational or important to me both personally and professionally. As my dear friend Jack Murphy. Now on the start to cry. This morning we have an opportunity to recognize a true leader. A true patriot. And a true gentlemen. This morning we also have the opportunity to say thank you torment was given far beyond what most would even consider reasonable. And has done so cheerfully. And willingly. We have a chance to say thank you to -- was devoted himself to the safety of mankind. And to his fellow firefighters. Throughout his entire career without a thought it was personal space of personal needs. We have a chance to say thank you to a man of tremendous humility. On -- integrity. And immeasurable passion. I ignore words will fall short describing all -- he has done. But we will try here this morning in our own humble way to recognize our dear friend's life. His contributions to the art professionals are. Ladies and gentlemen Jack Murphy was born to two noble professions. A third generation firefighter Jack is also -- licensed educator. A skill that he is used throughout this entire fire service career. Jack brought to the fire service the skills that he learns a teacher in Hoboken. He shared those skills with children teaching learn not to burn as the fire Marshal Leone. He used his teaching skills to teach firefighters. The importance of codes inspections. And understanding building systems and building design. In developing our tactical approach to structural firefighting. Jack understands that firefighting and teaching go hand in hand. And that our greatest legends in the fire service including Jack. We're both teachers and firefighters. To noble profession it's indistinguishable from one another sometimes. -- accomplished more in his life and we would ever have time to cover today. But if you'll allow me I would like to take this time to just give you -- very brief overview of a fraction. Of what Jack has accomplished. Jack is the principal and -- -- Murphy & Associates a consulting and fire life safety practice. -- disaster analysis by our code mitigation emergency preparedness building reconnaissance or -- Evacuations and very of -- fire service related programs. Jack was the director of flight safety web band choir group and Foster City. In California where he was responsible for implementing safety policies for fire occupational safety and health. The department transportation. And -- it would regulatory compliance. Jeff was the vice president of corporate global life. For Citigroup in New York City where he developed publish revised -- For fire prevention safety practices emergency response standards provided technical expertise in domestic and international fire protection and crisis management. Jack Murphy was the safety director for the new York city hospital Cornell medical university center. In New York where he was responsible for assessing implementing maintaining fire protection life safety for 26. Main campus buildings. Ten affiliated health care facilities. And 141500. Employees. Jack is a treasure. And senior member of the -- educational editorial advisory board. And a member of the fire engineering senior management member of the energy and the educational advisory board for FDIC. Where he's also served as our education coordinator. Jack has been an adjunct lecturer for Kean university in New Jersey since 1991. Where he lectured on code and fire -- -- inspection techniques and suppression. He's also an adjunct professor at the New Jersey division of fire safety for the city and and and for the city of new York and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Jack as the fire Marshal and former deputy chief for -- Where he served from 1979. Until 1997. A fire officer with more than 31 years of service. He currently serves New Jersey as the deputy coordinator for the Bergen region. He's the author of -- rapid image -- rapid incident command system and -- and planning chapter for the fire engineering handbook firefighter one and two. Jack has received the following citations. The new Jersey state fire prevention protection association man of the year in 1986. The Bergen County 200 meritorious citation 1992. New York hospital world trade -- response meritorious citation 1993. Fire department of New York honorary battalion chief 1990s. It. New York New Jersey fireman's association distinguished fire service award 2001. Fire safety directors of New York City distinguish fire service award 2005. Bergen County 200 distinguished club -- thousands. -- apartment in New York special commendation. There were literally hundreds of fire service dignitaries who wanted to provide comments about -- virtually every instructor here met through -- Every friendship. Many many of the friendships here we're developed because of -- But here's a small sampling of what checks closest. And dearest friends had to say about it. Jack's -- time friend and FDNY legend Jim board Jim Ellison. Had this to say about Jack. Jack Murphy has the swarm Irish smile along with his soft spoken mannerisms. He knows no limits when it comes to fire fighting fire protection its training and exercise. Patience along with vast knowledge of fire protection is -- passion. Knowing Jack to meet someone you can trust completely a true professional. Of the fire service and behind the scenes staff -- FDIC. Jack has contributed numerous articles to fire -- magazine and his lectures have nourished FDIC growth to where it is today. Jack represents the highest form of professionalism. Throughout the fire service I am honored to call Jack Murphy. Both my friend and brother. Commissioner Sal Fasano of the FDNY. Had this to say about check. There are few people more deserving of the FDIC lifetime achievement award and Jack Murphy. Jack has spent his life in service to the firefighting community he has helped to write the codes to keep -- -- He has worked as a fire inspector and fire safety director and changed future members of the fire service for the fire service. He has -- tremendous advocate for the fire department and has been a true friend to the FDNY. Jack's partners relentless efforts to improve building safety Sean to crane battalion chief with the Cleveland Ohio fire department. Had this to say about -- It is with great -- pleasure that I offer my deepest heartfelt congratulations to Jack on -- well deserved lifetime award. I have been collaborating with Jack for the past few years. -- -- experienced many ups and downs throughout our efforts to improve the work of the environment for our brother firefighters. We experienced the ups Jack is the first to distribute congratulations and accolades preferring to share the success with others. When we have hit roadblocks. Jack was the first to pick up those around him by the bootstraps and offer them an encouraging word. It is fitting for an individual who always deflects praise to be recognized for his long time contributions. To the safety of other firefighters. Professor Glenn Corbett had this to say about Jack Murphy. I've known Jack Murphy for many years. He isn't -- sentinel of fire safety consistently advocating for significant improvements and national model building and fire codes. His specific efforts in the realm of straightening modern high rise fire protection regular regulations are legendary. Firefighters across America can be thankful for Jack having taken a lead in dealing with these prickly issues head on. Jack is a consummate educator as well freely sharing his knowledge with the students and colleagues. Chief Bob Moran. Had this to say about Jack. Jack Murphy has admirably committed his entire fire service career. Directly and indirectly to enhancing the safety of our nation's firefighters. He's acknowledged leader -- and international authority in this essential component of our daily operations. His unique ability to challenge firefighters to become better and safer. At their jobs through formal education personal counseling fire service instruction and and sharing his many years of hands on fire ground experience. Has enhanced the career of many fire service members. As an individual has witnessed is yours incalculable and selfless contributions in the fire service personally. I have benefited from a strong individual relationship. I truly believe Jack's inclusion in this group of fire service legends is well deserved. One of -- closest friends. And mentor. Jim -- -- Had this to say about -- During our lifetime each of us has a chance to meet many different people or a source of -- Information and inspiration. Many of us also get to meet a few rare individuals who stand out above others. A person who always stays on your mind for the rest of your life. Jack Murphy is one of those rare exceptional people. Of all the people I've met in the fire service Jack is the most gifted. He possesses a rare talent that allows him to see the big picture. And at the same time recognize -- -- critical events that can cause a system failure. It is our good fortune that Jack has been chosen to be a big part of the fire service and the fire protection community. I have seen him -- his talent on many occasions. And I have always been -- By how he sees things that others hadn't and probably would've never thought. Jack has devoted his life took office the fire service and fire protection community. He has used his talents to have our national fire codes reflect our current advanced fire protection practices and life safety standards. If you want to know what it would take to become -- Tom Brennan FDIC lifetime achievement award winner. Listen to the speakers at the FDIC conference. And take note of the pride in their voices as they talk about -- history his activities and then project yourself into Jack -- As you do this you'll Begin to develop an understanding of the complexity of what Jack has accomplished. Then consider us. Jack is the most down to earth. Consider -- sincere. And friendly person most of us will ever meet or ever have a chance to be. Congratulations Jack. Thanks for all that you do for us you earned this award the hard way deputy chief of DNY. -- -- Your friend. Ladies and gentlemen. Without any further -- I am honored now to introduce to you. Jack Murphy. The 2012. Tom Brennan lifetime achievement award winner. Ladies and gentlemen Jack Murphy. -- well let you know I -- the other day. And Bob is up here -- the Mike was up via. And I say when when I come up would you please put the -- my level. Went like this and I said maybe I should -- from here. With that said. Bob Coleman is no crying and -- service. I -- both humbled to be standing here today. And on it to be amongst my peers. One cannot be at this junction in life -- -- relationships. Who have made an impression upon you. Eileen receiving this award in your father's name is a privilege. It was Tom who encouraged me to write in -- talks class. -- get FDIC fire engineering family the Indianapolis fired upon them. My old FDIC education group and to my beloved friend the late Steve out. As a team -- was nothing we cannot accomplish in making this the greatest. Fire service conference in the world. Building a life starts in my -- Like -- -- who was the foundation of principal and ethics. In my late fought the -- fox. The retired Hoboken fire captain who spent 31 news. My wife Florence. She supports -- the passion. It is a cash. We get out there and dude it's and you love it you just love it. She is the glory of him. And I love the dealing thank you. To -- go to jail. In -- as a parent is a tribute to mom. Along with us today is a husband Brian. Android two grandchildren Keira Canadian back in Houston by our doctors -- -- moved to use them. And popular. My son -- Is striving to be the best in your field makes me very proud. Can't -- the opening a restaurant. My other my other family members today and like an Irish family have a lot three of my five siblings my sister Doreen. A sister Kathy and my sister -- and let diesel. To pop and hiss and my fire chief who had the foresight. Early in my Korea two point his fire Marshal. And to the members of Leon -- fired -- -- I -- many of you who have worked with me and US unselfish acts particularly the bureau of fire prevention. Two deputy chief -- TARP in his graduate class he made a very profound statement. But as -- sounded throughout my career and I quote. Stanley of the fire service. Is more then the public perception. Of suppression units its -- prevention public education education training. And the private sector. Chief -- talk is my mentor. And today I stand here -- one in many firefighters he has encouraged with his brilliant and I mean brilliant insight. Entity aspects of current issues in future issues of this -- and today chief I salute you. He wanted to many books that I read -- on this job. Her recent book every it was metal Bana -- it's about the on the called soon. One medal recipient was lieutenant Jack -- Jacobs the Vietnam vet New Jersey native. -- into battle shrapnel broke most of his facial bones. Assessing the situation at hand and realizing that it's someone didn't act quickly. A phrase jumped into his head -- is going around you think it -- rates. Is what he said. If I am not for myself. What am -- -- if not now when. He turns in a battlefield rescue thirteen soldiers. All the time taken heavy heat from the enemy. Let me leave you at this point upon them. The ancient Greeks from Plato Aristotle. Learned to -- a mentoring torch. Like chief -- talk and the reflections of army lieutenant. Jacobs. When. Who you make a difference. Thank you to be safe out there and god bless. Okay. Okay.

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