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FDIC 2012: George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award

Thu, 19 Apr 2012|

Deputy Chief Anthony Avillo of North Hudson (NJ) Fire and Rescue received the Fire Engineering/George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award.



Please welcome outgoing IS at this site president -- -- incoming -- is -- the -- president Douglas Klein and the technical editor of fire engineering Glenn Corbett. Once again the -- -- the size. The national society of fire service instructors is proud to bring the George -- post instructor of the year award. That race featured FDIC. This year's nominees really raise the bar for instructors across the world. Now let's take a look. If he's receiving this prestigious award this year. The international society of fire service instructors. -- -- with -- engineering endeavors to reduce firefighter injuries. And -- Through professional development. Educational opportunities. Mentoring programs. In instructional resources. Under the leadership of president -- Buchanan and editor in chief Bobby hall and both organizations have put the mission first. This year's award goes to an individual who exemplifies the commitment. And values of both organizations to train and educate our service. He's one of America's leading authorities on fire ground strategies. Safety and tactics. He is -- noted author lecturer radio show host and now a regular Cecil B. DeMille. He has dedicated his life his profession in -- -- He's from New Jersey and we're proud to say he's a friend of -- The international society of fire service instructors this those -- 2012. George deep post instructor of the year award that deputy chief -- available of the north Hudson regional fire rescue. If -- is recognized for -- contributions is 10 lead instructor for fire -- and tactical perspectives series. This ambitious project set out to capture the different perspectives of a house fire under real conditions. Search. Fire attack. Validation. Commands. In the -- -- cover. This high definition film and brings a level of understanding that cannot be achieved with slides in -- alone. It these instruction allows firefighters. To understand the implications of their actions and their and a. -- including -- not be seen in every segment he's genius and mentoring can be. He has no ego in the ability to put firefighters and the mission first. He's a consummate professional with -- attention and detail that is seldom seen. His demeanor brings out the best -- firefighters. And instructors alike. He is passionate about safety while not losing sight that we are still firefighters. Anthony understands that circumstances dictate action and with proper resources training and education. We can aggressively controlled the building and increase safety. Anything he's no one trick pony. -- two radio shows address politics tactics and strategies from the street. This allows firefighters today interact one on one with many fire service leaders -- chapter and fire engineering and handbook was the first chapter. Any firefighter one -- two program. That address routine operations. If these book fired -- strategies is utilized in college classes in promotional exams throughout the US. Deputy chief of -- body of work. Has and will continue to benefit departments and firefighters for years to come. Ladies and gentlemen if you would please welcome. This year's George -- destructive the year winner and my good friend at -- developed. -- It's now. When I got a call from -- -- a Buchanan. Have conference voices but Jim probably does as well. That -- many Buchanan is set out of Bobby -- on the other line with a conference and then -- -- -- -- -- -- that. What I do what it. Because that hasn't happened before it. On both humbled and honored to receive this award. And I like to tank fire engineering and while chief Bobby holt and that never -- support. I'd also like to thank the -- -- set aside my brother and Canon dropped a world. Keeping -- flame of knowledge burning. Diane Feldman the work to me so hard in my shoes -- And congratulations to my brother Jack Murphy and a lifetime achievement award. -- -- Just real quick -- you play -- need to thank. My wife and daughters for their sacrifices. Allowed it to pursue and fulfill -- passion. And career goal but Colombia today but I believe that watching the stream and I know that you're with me. My mom and my Brothers Pope will always believed in me and supported me. My step father retired -- and why bill Hamilton another great supporter. My dad. A leader of men the builder views. Though it passed away thirty years ago. Continues to -- and influenced me. Retired north -- original fire rescue chief -- flood my mentor. He told me that when you leave the firehouse in the morning if the job -- -- a little bit -- issue with that and you didn't do your job. I believe that then I believe it now it's something hang -- -- Professor lieutenant Kevin now retired -- and want to New Jersey City University. The members of north Hudson regional fire rescue. Great fight apartment to the ground breaking fire department who have always supported my efforts. Instructors of Bergen Monmouth county fire -- and she gave me my start. Chief Mike NASCAR and my fellow hot instructors. In the world famous. Me get this right. Often imitated never duplicated. Truck company search. My Brothers in Connecticut who allowed me to participate. In the tactical perspective dvd series the world very proud of and I can't. Fail to acknowledge. Someone is influenced my life as well -- and a football coach of -- high school. Fifty years coaching. One -- state championship this year he's and -- with disease. And he told me about teamwork and dedication things I never forgotten carry with me through my life. Frank -- said hey -- goodfellas of those detonated -- -- it made. I just hope when I walked backstage there's not a piece of plastic -- on the ground. And a piece of this -- -- big east belongs to all of your data here. That share in the passion. The mission the vision and the purpose -- this can be done without any if you and you all deserve a reward and a piece of us remember we have one -- in the fire service. Get him in safe work and safe and get -- -- Again thank you so much -- year be safe and enjoy the conference.

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