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Using the Ladder Pipe

Tue, 24 Apr 2012|

Mike Wilbur and his crew explain and demonstrate setting up a nozzle to be able flow water on your aerial device.


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-- -- -- -- Welcome to fire engineering training minutes. In today's segment we're going to educate you would explain to you how to properly deployed by -- latter -- at the scene of the structural fire. As you look at this apparatus you'll note that it has a -- pipe waterway. It's free plug waterways -- with the industry refers to a state -- waterway. In the position that you see the waterway -- the president. It is hidden back all the fly section and it just -- what we call the rescue boat. Firefighters now can use the latter. Four civilian rescue they can use the latter to access roofs and windows they can use the latter -- the battle late windows. Without having the fear of damaging other water nozzle. Once we've established that we're going to use the water nozzle. We are going to then pulled the pin out of -- -- waterway. And -- like that pin please we'd like to show audience. -- -- This -- is electrical part of this assembly. Right now we've started with the apparatus. In the rescue -- -- that frees up the tip of the latter for rescue. All windows rattling windows we can access -- we can access windows without fear of dot damaging -- nozzle assembly. This -- is what holds a nozzle assembly and to place we've taken to pin out of the models nozzle assembly. Where it was in the rescue position. And now we're gonna advance in Basel into the fire position. The -- as you see -- -- role in this on the top of the pin is a plunger. It's a spring loaded plunger. On the bottom you -- to spring loaded intrusions out. As you pushed a plunge at the intrusions go win and it allows you to drop the pin in -- place. The spring loaded intrusions popped out. And it prevents the pin from juggling loose added the assembly. And keeping it safely all in one place. This pin was taken out of the assembly here. In a minute we're going to move the nozzle assembly up -- here. Where the pin is that gonna be dropped out through. The nozzle will then be advanced up to the -- section and were gonna be ready to start water. As you can see -- retracted the -- back. And we're now ready to proceed. We're going to take the -- Up from the rescue position and now put the pin into the fire position and get ready to start -- We have demonstrated now the importance of the -- in this assembly. Understand that members have died not having the pin and properly. And the nozzle assembly has actually rocketed off the truck in many other cases. In our next segment please stay till next month. As we're going to talk about water hammer as it relates to supplying water to this particular appliance in this piece. Thank you for watching fire engineering trending minutes I'm Mike -- and we'll see you next time.