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Multiple Firefighter Emergency Egress

Tue, 1 May 2012|

Dan DiRenzo and his crew demonstrate how to use a tool as an anchor point for firefighter personal-escape systems when multiple firefighters need to escape from an upper floor. Sponsored by Sterling Rope.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And then Lorenzo called the find your instruments. In this segment we're gonna focus on -- fire first being trapped in the upper floor situation. Where they can -- -- their personal escape systems and it's -- to -- themselves -- introduces themselves. The situation. What's gonna happen is the far further locate there -- point very clear window to make your door and obstruction for it. The best place there's been cleared out at this -- to transmit their made -- -- -- transmitted. It's a commandos these wells are coming out. This. Putting a very little and fools and regard the first five are now to deploy his system the second firefighter. It's gonna hold that's one place. This is gonna serve as a very substantial anchored these -- first to get themselves up. What the firepower systems. Deployed the ticket right hand with the -- extended out the window not hand over top of the pool -- the Hulk. He's gonna went -- just new window. Also himself up. Let him on the -- Right in the lower blood will inform his dissent. Once he reaches the ground. When he's good. Who's he gonna -- the system. -- -- system will deliver. The weight into the tool here these knicks gave life to hold in place for the second -- -- performers you -- The tools being held in place little firepower on the ground -- -- -- buffalo now perform his. -- -- Yeah. Yeah. You. A and. Those sparklers have successfully egress the upper floor they got themselves -- let's not -- this and put together. -- -- And -- And this week. -- And the -- just showed how effectively we can remove -- personal report situation. Utilizing the personal escape system and -- tools are -- point thank you watch and find your extreme and it's. You like to thank our sponsors doing --

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