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FDIC 2012 Booth Tour with Hackney

Mon, 30 Apr 2012|



Welcome and thank you for Vista -- -- you this year they FTSE. Hello I'm -- -- Smith director of sales and marketing for BT hackney emergency vehicles group. As in the past 26 years hackney is proud to feature -- distinctly different. Features. But you won't see anywhere else it FDIC this year. Both vehicles on display this week feature -- is unique drop -- frank technology. A -- that increases usable storage space as much as 30% of equal size. Conventional emergency vehicle bodies. One of first things we'll be looking at on our display this year is the drop -- technology act is -- -- many many years ago. That features up to 42 inches of -- even below the frame rails. This allows -- -- install slot apt phrase. -- boards SE BA racks that are as much as sixteen inches deeper. And what can be installed on in the same space on bodies when that dropped its -- technology. As you can see on this SE BA rack it went. Forty inches of -- -- that that's -- this depicted on this particular body. Allows us of stores media's way of SE BA's and back up and go on -- -- configuration. The drop inch frame also reduces workman's comp liability exposure of a -- Biden -- if we two inches of sports place below the -- real high. Amid the storage of bulky and heavy equipment closer to -- Another benefit to the drop -- frame as it -- expensive generator investment to be protected from chorus of -- right that can destroy the armor to rather quickly. Agassi -- a lot of rescue vehicles in the regions of the country and applied the acid solutions on roadways so Bob mountain the PTO generator inside the left front compartment. It's completely ghastly if those who corrosive agents. As you can see -- promised to placement. A power distribution panels. Like tower control -- everything is handy easily accessible and visible. To the operator. And Hamas feature we -- as -- drops -- platforms sitting here. It's knee medically operated eliminate the necessity latches and provides up to an eleven inch deep plant want to say please stand. And reach equipment in the open areas of the war. You're an -- of the platform is -- great group struck. So it's safe -- -- -- -- which no nights. I additionally it does not intrude into this reward zone basically flush against -- side walls. Another nice option as a speedy -- -- Installed in an aft section of -- compartment. This one is capable stored at the two and forty pound bags of -- It's easy to feel through a weatherproof port. This -- is but -- the hopper and is designed to prevent a knowing clogging characteristic -- many hopper dispensers. -- equipment from rooftops storage has always been cumbersome and even dangerous. The engineers at -- have addressed that -- -- -- -- solution that provides safe access. Without the loss of viable sportsman's. The result is a second generation alternative voiced their case -- we college -- yes. The eighty S design addresses the same requirements -- about ocean of -- staircase installed in a home or an office building relating to angles of Messina and decent and the depths of the steps. It incorporates -- great -- struck stamps. Again best of his slippage when mud is most prevalent. Note the followed up safety hand rails. On these are prevent the use -- from accidentally stepping off the side. The angle permits the user to move up and down the staircase -- here and heavy equipment such as -- and all pails and long shoring. And -- a bulky and heavy equipment. -- might install which is accomplished in approximately 35 seconds. Access to the education tool compartment that you see at the back of the vehicle is not the blocked. When that staircase -- -- point. Unless you're superstitious about walking on the latter's but then again this is not a latter the staircase. So there you have it. Just a few -- -- features and options available only from -- Rescue and emergency support vehicles -- all we do and we do it whale. For further information about hackney and its products you can contact visit www. Rescue leader dot com. Thanks for stopping --

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