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FDIC 2012 Booth Tour with E-ONE

Mon, 30 Apr 2012|



I am -- -- -- fire French magazine. I'm here today with Chris -- at the -- at the one -- and Chris is gonna take us through some of the new products by yet. He won -- looking -- are well bill thank you for giving us an opportunity to talk about. Our collection for FDIC 2012. Or featuring this year is one -- and introduced last year and a tendency and that's our. Harper installation. What's different this year is we've got it in a custom we've got first commercial application. We've got -- -- aerial application as well. Some features of the maximizing the -- we can do it larger body small apartment closure and he's still a missing pool capability. Of up to 15100 keeping him off. -- access without it too long trucks than you've -- maneuverability. Behind us is one of our custom installations. We take all the pump panel controls we put them into a one compartment. Taking minimal space -- -- departments and local department issues behind it. Additionally we're not giving up he's -- in the cat. Buyer installation so that you -- maximum news account as well. -- he had the yet he -- concept on the commercial chassis. What can you tell us about that well no of course when it doesn't -- flexibility for our customers are used to using commercial chassis. And yet they give up none in the future that you -- that we have custom product. So it's saying module same space same savings we can do speed ladies one nice things about. Pump panel itself that it directly to -- controls so it's just a smooth operation without taking a lot of space but -- -- Commercial application. Same for. So Chris that we haven't neither he -- -- what can you tell us about the the concept of -- aerial device on the -- cast. Well bill again we're taking the whole concept of the -- -- -- mentioned we've taken this and it for the show we meet him here. Our product line again maximizes existing control in the aerial application actually gives you another compartment. That installations and encouragement department has all the features music. That's -- very popular concept having. A -- went sort of lay out on the idea shorter aerial. Well again -- on all of our products you know you look at customer base today and everybody's trying that more capable of device. And we want to -- and all politics. I assume that you did a lot of customer surveys and so forth of the originally -- he Max product -- them. And you have worked on that improves on well actually when the most important things in this business for manufacture. It's not just -- the profits and the problem comes to find out what really needs looking people to -- not where you -- trucks. Tiger budget it multiple multiple capabilities and product suite one -- before we put tons of people from design standpoint what's important customer. What did you really want -- what really thrown in Wisconsin was that night. Department. -- it's consolation in the nation special operatives on. Them. Very important. With -- trying to do a lot more with with the same -- extra compartment patients. So that's. Chris it looks like he -- made a pretty rugged interior on the backs. Well you know bill sometimes -- old is new again and what we found when industry went towards automotive interior. That was the trend back -- in the ninety's these trucks -- the last longer in service. -- running this service issues with us and tears a lot of customer drives come back in the rugged interior and one -- the designed to have really taken offering you want is -- -- to be future. We going to -- door panels. We going to -- the moment. Coverage inside that implements -- they'll tone and it's a little bit more room in the cat as well as increasing -- long -- of the truck and we're looking at trucks are going to fire service could take a lot of pain. We wanna maximize time and street in -- months -- service that's inside and -- have a long -- future. So Chris you have quite a large boost -- FDIC. Quite a few products. When I tell a little bit about some the other products sure bill you know we -- -- -- -- that meets all the customer needs that we go anywhere prompt. Hundred foot platform all the way down through what -- tanker that we had here. We're focusing on Arial size we have wonderful platform we have 100 -- -- and of course -- -- talked about earlier. And right behind this is a renowned pop for the show that you want as role and we continue our strength in this business -- able -- offer products every department. Looks like really personal set up. Absolutely actually it's a challenge when she was much worse news possible. So Chris -- where with the customers go to get more information about your product line. Again everything that's in the field today you can find through our website as well as their -- network www. Palm -- news.com. Excellent.

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