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FDIC 2012 Booth Tour: Rosenbauer

Thu, 3 May 2012|



I am bill. I'm you reach -- the from Rosen Bauer and we're going to talk about their new commander of fire chassis. So rich -- is Roosevelt's first custom chassis and American -- What can you tell us about it that's new and exciting. Well there's a lot to talk about you know first of all we spent a lot of time talking -- fire departments and -- -- We talked the mechanics we talked to the responders themselves and talk to -- manufacturer but what -- what's really important to have on this new rules are casting. Rosen bowers and well known for its aftermarket service -- -- knew -- new technology opportunities in each year. And so we have -- aligned with that you start thinking about the -- so. From the -- -- there's kind of dramatic styling but all of its very functional the wider looking real. Opens up the interior for a better more efficient cooling system -- radiator package. We have. The air intake -- very -- off the ground so there's lots of ability for going to water and the things the right handling of the chassis is with some fortune here but it. Youngsters read on the Internet many positive comments about how quiet the -- was about. -- maneuverable -- -- was about. Just the ride and handling overall was various appeared to a most of -- -- and some of these said that inside the cavity can have a conversation about the Davis headsets -- so that's so that was really good. But if you look at the inside of the campus we look at the ergonomics and visibility that's what it's about it's about visibility and communication. In the camp. So we lowered the tunnel in the way we lowered the tunnel was to lower the engine position and move the engine back away from them. Radiators have -- more efficient cooling system so that is really are offered to release appeared. Engine -- force base this ability and -- the camp. Good thing we really wanted to do a really good job with was the -- system we want provide a high level be used for cooling and heating. Lots of air -- and get the humidity out. And make sure there's no compensation in the cat so we. That the creator the crew mounted you know operators and -- -- them -- -- so that the gravity feed during would handle any condensation comes out of those units. And then an in dash unit to make sure we have great defrost. On the windshield to really make sure that that when she was cleaning it and adverse conditions excellent combination it's about 67000. And use it cooling. 85000 B uses heat and over a thousand cubic feet per minute miracles so it's really happened you know -- powerful system. And in that have -- the -- itself or from a service ability. Those covers just -- down there off the shelf red that operators. And that's how many of our hearts others very little that's exclusive -- -- -- Because we want to make sure that the service ability it's easy for them. Service department to find the necessary part to keep the vehicle service support to the yen means the -- -- and you can see we have. -- the probably the widest doors we've done some unique things with grip handles. And -- if things with force base to notice in the back of the -- when we get there. That it's uninterrupted space that even with a 1 o'clock PTO there's no bump in the bottom of the -- it's totally. -- the air force base which means again better positioning for the for the firefighters that are in the back the camp. And you'll notice that the windows are very wide and it creates more visibility it's easy for everybody in every position to see outside in this you're approaching the scene. Have great visibility. Another feature I wanted to point out -- was. That -- have -- council which is unique item for -- of our. But again it's fully customizable and it's fully all the features that have a softens in their catalog we can mount on this campus council so. Radio switches cup holders storage boxes and it's fully customizable by the by the fire department so they decide hey -- like this review here and we wanna move it over here it's just that it's just a quick move so it offers a lot of versatility while for the manufacturer. It guarantees the reliability and consistency and -- in the manufacturing process. I'm he would Donnelly Fredericks and was known to continued the tour of the -- -- commander. -- -- along with feet that went into Boston and that -- -- bars after an injury the speakers in the head. Of this is top of the seat so that the driver underwriter in the -- and -- in the truck. And here each other talk without having headset there's also might they'll come around in the front. So that. Think -- closely at the Mike from there they can hear -- worked out very well. This I have the radio interface that -- right can listen it's it's the same thing they had citizenry intervention in case was ahead in faces -- -- the aerial if you want so that's excellent nobody's gonna jump I had to know I don't know I don't know about the big oil that would make certain comfort of their stuff on without. The -- that mother excellent. Ali I know that Rosenbaum has been that the Green technology for quite awhile. What can you tell us about the commanders followers. Green energy thing. -- it's really it's easier for -- and agree with their own shifted course we're going stars -- -- Is that it doesn't matter who's -- is or what manufacturers -- that filtering and exhausted sepia. Which is causing trouble the maintenance than the -- Lot of fuel -- went through miles and what the greens -- does is when you get to the scene mission to rescue call the -- while very briefly show off. Within a minute or whatever timeframe you want -- Greensboro -- The air conditioning unit is Monroe it on the Green star so that that gives you full recognition in the cab right out of the same. Air conditioned and did you -- -- down the road. He -- -- -- the DC power but the big advantages is you have the whole -- sitting in here and you still have degenerated views were not take that power -- -- -- operation so the main engine shuts down the small diesel agitation over there. And it'll it'll continue the Pallet truck to -- the truck and run here -- dangerously and and have -- that transfer back when you're ready to leave. There's a reset button -- you didn't hit the reset button in eastern truck you can either leave this run showed off for whatever you wanna do I think and the way back from most of time you reset button. Just some of the eastern -- to truck. Excellent sounds like a real good plan. Now with Michael immune from -- Bauer who's gonna discuss some of the unique because of this he wrecked platforms. What -- my. This truck was designed because of the cold weather to get all the operators would -- some kind of weather protection so you can see. We moved the pump panel and from the side and inside -- -- And what we've done is the way we position to pump panel gives the operator now. Almost. You know at least -- 180 degrees sweep visibility. Also gives all the controls for the -- system this is an industrial trust -- got a big heavy industrial phone system so all the controls for the entire -- Phone system are all it is his you can see everything. -- these ethereal great. Mike you were you're saying that this is going to call -- that area yes. Going up into Canada and obviously the extreme. Cold weather that they have up there -- trying to get the operators. Both for the aerial and for the pump operator if -- -- closed until weather protected -- excellent. -- -- Many manufacturers are going to his seat now for aerial operative that this is really different -- -- I can see don't think why it's necessary. Can you tell us a little bit about the. Close -- what we have again because of the cold weather one to get the operator and an area that protected. So now he he can be protected there's the heater system for the -- that he can stay. Fairly comfortable. It with the windows overhead and in the front in the society is clear visibility of the operation of the aerial. -- with Brandon Whitaker aerial specialists -- Bauer and he's gonna discuss the new. Console and how it operates. I see it's different it's got -- joystick instead of typical 311 control -- -- about this particular phone. The joystick allows you to do all three functions at one time -- keep your eyes in the to hear -- -- operating. Some of having your traditional three levers which they all go up and down to you have to look down to figure out what function you're doing. Also the bonus on it as you can control all your -- lighting. Can do your auto -- militants -- -- -- also communicate on your radio with your experience of the officers and on the ground. -- -- The direction of the -- joystick is actually the direction of the -- so if you're going left or right it's not like eleven you pushing forward and back -- -- left and right here actually. Going left -- right that's much. Much easier -- the heat -- battle to try to remember how to operate that you know what most guys -- left to right with -- handedly -- so much easier what's right viewing on the it's all right. Branding them. The yet information screen looks -- looks like it's packed -- quality information of the -- he tells -- little bit about what -- what we see here. Yes it has a lot of information that's given it's giving you the wrong alignment you're -- safe. If you're short -- and half are -- you are with a short -- system. Your elevation how many feet of extension you have left rotation your slope left to right. Your grade. And -- but -- So brand awaken people get more information about Rosenbaum -- full product line. People -- eagle on two rows of our America dot com to get more information also visit us on FaceBook. That Rosen bar America is.

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