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FDIC 2012 Booth Tour: Pierce

Thu, 3 May 2012|



Until -- -- a fire apparatus magazine. We parent the FDIC and at the -- -- and Mike -- -- gonna take us around and show us some of Pearson's new products. I like to start with our -- that's the -- -- as you can see what really makes this product unique is that we've taken the engine and moved it down in the frame rails but also back in the frame -- else. What that does is really opens up a lot of space inside that camp for both the officer in the driver. Like -- see that the yen gladiators moved from the from the engine. And yet topped the body -- -- -- -- -- information on that. Yes we moved the radiator from the front of the truck to the top of the truck what that really did force was a couple things that -- that -- If freed up all that room inside that -- not having that -- stuff up on the front of that. The second thing it did was really open up the front of this destruct for service access getting the front accessory drives. The the -- up there as -- the battery makes -- a whole lot easier service. And access for the McCain and at that cuts now I can't -- as well. Yes it does it's a more efficient cooling package because it's driven hydraulic leak so that we can really. Control that and speed really find nightly depend on the loads that are on the engine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Words is that we're able to locate all the filters for service. Access in the one general location on some of the engines all this -- all the filters will be located along the frame rails. In in all one location on this Detroit engine they're all grouped along the top the engine just above the frame -- all in the same location. So -- not search and all over the place to locate those filters to change him. I also -- that the -- alternate Aaron -- and -- -- very accessible on the front and the yet batteries. Yes bill that that's one of the. Great advantages. Move in this -- backwards on a traditional truck that inches South Florida and tight against the radiator. Make -- access to those belts the alternate or. Very difficult to get to. This is really walk type of access to -- later handwriting on -- very easy to change those serviceable type of items in the in the Dexia. As a former truck which. Like and how important that it just the Mikey see have a PPO pump on him at that shortens the whole package. You wanna -- in the advantages. Advantages that appears mister bill. -- of -- Paul woody -- utilizing our park -- RR -- under camper -- ultimate configuration file. Really what makes the Dexia work because were able to position them for. Up over the transmission we run them off a career -- -- PTO. Off the -- that helps us to. Compact that pulpit area it's still have a lot of room for service. But it also allows us to -- a lot of compartment patient's face but yet still keep the vehicles smaller and it and a whole lot maneuverable. With this that's it's really the key to making. The total vehicle work in this application. And I can see the CF -- was the old -- -- with the without the grill with a -- in the front. Can you tell us a little bit about the adoption of the CF chassis to an aerial unit this one the new things this year is that we've brought out. And introduce the aerials. On their -- CF and we got a little school here. By -- the -- off as a member of the radiators up on -- the truck so we really don't need to grill but the village little different laden. Like the -- some of the -- -- used to be. And so all the same great features of the extra -- based the service ability to space inside that cab. All translates over into the aerial applications on -- dash area. We here at the F velocity chassis Mike could you tell us a little bit about what's different since the was unveiled in 2006. -- we -- a couple things. We move the reply and forward which increased more room. Inside that -- we also shrunk the engine what we found is with the 2010 engine particularly -- DD thirteen. We're able to package it under a smaller in -- this year. So what that's going to do is increases the interior that of that cab. Four personnel for gear. -- also some more room for the officer driver. Knight -- -- Thanks a lot official mr. on the he has -- maybe you could tell the folks when they get more information and maybe touch on some of the other products that your unveiling this year mister bill I'd like to invite everyone to come out -- -- Are six different chassis product lines were celebrating thirty years of building over 27000. Different testing. We're sure we can build one for you. And if you want more information to check out our website at www. Pierced him FT dot com. We have information on there about our products contact with -- -- sells roughly contacted directly.

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