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FDIC 2012 Booth Tour: Ferrara Fire Apparatus

Thu, 3 May 2012|



I am bill Peters I'm he would Chris for our. Up from for our fire apparatus right FDIC. And Chris is gonna take -- -- was. New products that he's shown the yes shall. -- -- -- A -- force let me be here it is really exciting to come up to Indianapolis and we -- -- really written so and a great turnout this year we've really brought so much different products this year we actually. Avenue in the media upgrade that we introduced about two years ago. This kind of bring all equipment to apartheid constantly you know I see the slogan but still it's in synch though it Abu dis Obama's slogan that. There really everything is on this vehicle right water rescue how -- -- equipment have a pumping capacity thank you get everything you really -- you know -- and so. -- -- not they were reducing vehicle we're just saying it through or we'll bring in an article like this. And we actually evident to different models that season one behind that's absolutely true that body and we also have our new stainless steel in these things that we -- -- at this two balls. Excellent it was the a good concept to to bring that phone out -- really a great concept coming in a customer feedback has been really well and really -- -- very real country. Well all around the world so. You know it just a vehicle that we put a lot of thought into -- -- think the strategy behind the concept you know really worked well our performance and it's a growing constant. I think he told me that after he left FDIC last year. A custom aboard the demo truck immediately right right now absolutely you know at the customer bought -- the show right organ -- the show for here ultimately hopefully -- do this when this. This year so I mean -- really excited we have so a lot of with this indeed -- So. Good excellent. Chris this looks like a real high tech pump panel -- what -- tell -- about it -- that this is a new product. Also brought them yes see it say the new -- can -- Which you know it's 49 inches and we have so if you -- -- or else. Whereby you can actually it was short wheelbase is in -- that -- have more Barbara takes around the vehicle itself so really this is also -- really in the concept. -- new electric vision -- -- view vision concept where you can actually run the vehicle for either side of the truck. So you can actually operate the vehicle from all the -- controls operate the lighting. All of balloting and all the controls for -- this. Really kind of a neat concept we thought about. Working with pale and in this is the first truck with the small with both counts that's on the border that was yes. Really looks excellent and everything is control from the center everything is touch control. Do when you look in opening closing the valves from operating -- -- that you. -- any aspect any function of the truck -- right right here on sub and also to on the other silent -- that are. That's real space age technology bringing it down to. Pull -- handles and cranks and so forth down to electronics controlling everything from one little panel right excellent. So Chris -- you have some sizable orders from New York City with its what's going on this is just won a mini truck through before. It -- water aerial contract with the city New York nice. As a lot of people may or may not -- we actually have about a hundred trucks now city. Or X lot of -- especially vehicle approximately doing business with the city on that for over ten years now that I got a special response vehicles. So we actually brought up one of the latter's this is one of 54 war -- that we have from the city -- so it's really. Cultural heavy duty. This is the whole thing -- still -- Stainless steel body meaning a hundred foot heavy duty aerial applies them in they actually have placed -- service about twentieth instruct our audience is excellent or. And they really held up very well a lot of feedback on our -- actually running the engine companies have been given this -- right. That's great -- -- I recall right after 9/11 to that you. Don't you often -- we actually donated our trucks -- -- it actually we were the first day and company to donate my new vehicles as -- -- and your thoughts -- a -- -- we really. Right. Programs that are successful programs who have. Chris this the -- this camp looks really heavy duty nominated bill this is really the rugged USK. You know so to speak you know we really known in the industry ability to have its product out there -- -- You know I've been called a lot of things about it columnist and having been so to speak but again on the which we've built things really -- up an early road it's on me if you look at the answer this -- You know it's just heavy duty you know take the fire -- -- the bottom of the pool -- I -- just. I guess that earlier -- still camps stainless steel -- -- the wars. -- lining into -- and this is just really -- them both of vehicles we think is the -- -- going to reveal the world we know it's necessary New York -- well you know this kind of destruct if she's ever say is a lot of people really don't understand that you know that once the truck goes and thirsty -- really never goes cold -- you know the trucks out of the -- -- I -- today -- engine stays warm -- I found that the servers so it really kind of out. Special product that you know we've built in perspective for -- -- Excellent. Chris -- -- you mentioned stainless steel body for the MVP. Is this an example that this is it behind us this is the first of the new model of the stainless steel heavy duty in the B version. It's really a very unique body you know unlike the -- -- bottom in this thing is -- this -- through some mornings things that body. -- as the firefighters in the building hearing everything call -- -- -- more risky extricate. First things that we really think that in this constantly comes to an earlier ruling that via a niche market for a lot of excitement about the -- Opening to from just aluminum to stainless steel on fuel. Customer base -- absolutely as we know in certain areas of the country you know a lot of different demographics that a lot of different chemicals please on the streets and -- and icing conditions. You know with this product coming in -- last life. That's so Chris where would people go for more information about product near -- just -- part dot com you know we have really a great website that they can take them home through our website and look at every product that we have featured here today. It's a very in -- -- website in addition that -- the one that comment was still the only manufacturer in the world. That when a customer orders a product -- that can follow that there's their truck from the start of the storm and it always is finished products -- some very unique. Process and we get a lot of great feedback from customers and it works very well -- -- -- do thanks Chris thanks Leo glad you you know.

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