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Duck Hunt, Part 1

Fri, 4 May 2012|

Join retired FDNY Lieutenant Kevin Shea on his first duck hunt.



-- plastered prediction for today the think. So selflessly. 62 greens. -- coming in. Pretty hilly course about -- excellent night. John -- rethink that today from. Hopefully good facility -- an excellent after Lindy. So long that I have heard -- -- war. -- can't complain no lining today it's who want what's your prediction for the obvious time. Quicktime -- first this is it with less than a minute -- done. We -- going -- so far Boston -- good. Just a couple more shooters didn't do Bernsen chills produced them struggle a -- is that you first duck to water. -- -- -- -- -- Bottom that's a good job back. -- -- -- Yeah. Dan nice job at full strength if I -- that like to -- -- a good job. Thanks for kind of a nice job professional guide at plus -- done its job. Now -- does all the hard work you -- Good retreat. Good job. It's time to hold -- up for a -- Justice they extended its job. To her cat food you know. Nice job. Beautiful. This is some teamwork John's dog. John's dog barely. Form a beautiful day and shot. -- with patients would -- at times when this said. Location location location location and how they can patience patience on -- -- bought. Good job let's get another war. First -- -- stuck. First -- directly that when buster it's -- -- it's a matter extra boost it needs to go walk -- it. It's so what do you think about the environment. Well this place is absolutely -- looks cool morning what kind of cheating like starts court. Into seven -- seven. 83 we've had just constant constant action constant action. Is this please -- it probably is easy indicated you thought there would be no I'm missing constantly. -- -- -- take up golf. This can't be sick Kevin you just work cut out for this sort of honing -- -- -- -- happy to -- -- guest coming in for a -- sales up. Oh you haven't delivered by the -- of -- -- I think shells airlifted in when. There's not one -- -- -- go -- that would make it. Eric Pryor right out there -- that other ones. We haven't gotten yet. What. That's. Good girl. -- Very nice. Yes yes she did a girl. Good girl who got him at that that the -- now Tuesday. And mind. That's of one of from earlier this good job. But we got bigger. And network. And -- It's outlook that's a shuttle days doesn't get a different kind of don't -- up. You see how the girls going to help him. Okay. Well -- idea. It's nice. Beautiful -- and -- Period. Plus thirty -- So -- Decoys move. The trying to attract ducks but where trade debt. It's battery operated one move it's -- We're afraid that -- the -- them a little bit now so busters out there retrieving knows that it goes into previously did the course out. Thank you Douglas doing. Team. Excellent. Kevin doesn't. I do think it went today. Excellent person and doesn't confidently yeah -- Dan would you -- I gotta tell him. We can -- -- Important. Rich have registered and what what's going on here I think yeah. Yeah. That's deep south and that's the message -- yes. Not. Something that's in the retired if the NY. Wouldn't damage today and we've got this squad 41. Jon Baird with his brother Ricci. And Dan can't remember -- last -- Dan -- from. An -- memorial. Fund. Thank you -- -- -- guard burden arrived and rates what do -- -- -- CE DP -- there we go out here doing the brotherhood. It's time. To live for tomorrow. -- --