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FDIC 2012: Hale

Mon, 7 May 2012|

Hale National Sales Manager Jon Moore takes a look at his company's offerings at FDIC 2012.



Good afternoon and welcome to the hill Booth here at the FBI city. What would like to show you is the new Q Max -- house. Brand new pump -- That we were able to slam the pump up a little bit. And add extra flotilla the pomp and create flows upwards of 3000 from the flooded suction. We also ahead of the few extra ports to it -- -- Twelve -- ports. Scattered around the -- circumnavigate the pomp and it comes to connect to 63 -- ports so what that allows -- -- tremendous ability. To do something probable plumbing on here what got a lot of piping running from right to lap record about what have you. We also have seven and take sports on this -- what you were available again on -- of navigating the pop. As we -- on this -- -- we took the old Hugh Max design. And we were able to take about ten inches out of that victory and a pump. It's fourteen inches wide here. And from the front of the -- to the back to the -- is basically 25 inches from front to back. We're able to use. The G gearbox were able to use the K gearbox on this. And both those are standard gear boxes that we've been using for quite some time. The -- gearbox is designed for 161000. Pounds of torque. And the K -- is designed for 181000. Top hundred pounds of torque. And from a practical standpoint we him out of this Q Max access there in this. Pump module that we have here that we put a man a full piece out here and we've got across -- going here here. Left three career. -- -- Tank to pump blog right rear rear. We've managed to put all this together using mechanical advantage his as far as our push pull -- Taking all the advantages of the plumbing engineering that we've gone on here what that allows us to do this exactly what we're looking for here. -- slimmer pump panel this pump panel here is actually 34 inches wide. It's the smallest pump panel in the industry with mechanical valves on it what that does for you that allows you to mount. All your push pull valves all your pressure gauges. And your TPG plus to run the entire system. Taking the concept of the Q Max acts -- step further. This particular module that we have here is completely electronic we've -- all the ballots electronically. We -- all the all the machinery on here to actually operate the -- pressure governor. Have -- can -- the pop this one from either side we could -- it from the officer's side of the truck. And we could run it from the pop operators out of the truck. And again what we've been able to do this slow -- the pump panel this particular compound here we'll all the electronic advantages that we have on here. Valves. Pressure governors etc. We now can -- -- -- eight inch pump panel. From side to side. Which is a tremendous advantage for several different styles of bombs whether you're looking for shorter wheelbase. More compartment -- Or possibly using it on a tanker and this bump here is mom to 2000. Will -- an easy 3000. I am gonna look -- on -- take a few minutes to discuss a new product we've got a new version of our psychic. We introduce -- 508 PM version of this two years ago -- FDIC. And it was a huge success. We've been building a lot of 500 some fifteen to 8 PM with a lot of requests were 1250 and 15100 -- -- the emergence. So what the -- Anderson introduction of the tells -- 87 -- -- -- -- ET -- That allowed us to use our DSD prompt -- the update -- -- fifteen -- -- you know. So what we've done we've got to DSD -- and here we've got the gearbox -- the back. This is -- forty it and pump panel -- so fit inside the compartment. We've got a lot of our newer features on here like our our -- trains. And we've got our swift handles. We put our backlit gauges on here. Which is an upgrade you can get these standard -- are the backlit like this also put a graphics -- panel -- near what you can get with any design you line. We came up with this -- for the show but if you want to have a picture if cityscape here town or whatever you want. Another nice feature it's insists that's all fifty GPM you're gonna have -- him and have -- -- the front. The manifold in the back is very reversible allows you to -- to the funny your truck. On you can do jump lines cross plays you can do another one of the rear of the -- -- two sides of the track. It's pretty versatile and can also put -- on this if you want to. And we think it's going to be a pretty big hit. -- what we'll talk about today Israel for view display. And what we've done here is we've taken a typical wild land fire truck application and we've and take a picture of -- here to. To the display. We got water and foam levels back up cameras joystick style controllers our -- all the -- -- hard we've we've put into the display. So the light -- used them. The different things that we put in here. So you'll notice in. In the old view here that we have the water -- foam little gauges. We have the intake -- -- pressure we also have the monitor position we have a monitor control here that we can control. All you can run it fast to slow everything that you could normally do with a monitor your you're able to do here with the all to view all. We also have the standard. Switches and indicators that you normally see -- seat -- indicators. All generator controllers. All the different -- upon all of them -- already indicators and in and all that stuff. All. We also have. Door George street where you can see different -- -- doors open and closed. All. Another thing about the -- -- display isn't very -- visible. But you have the ability to set the brightness levels for both day and night mode we also. Well another key feature -- -- to be displayed it is. That it is multilingual so here I can just set the language in this case to Portuguese. And -- it and you can take it on the fly like that we can have up to twelve different languages and and so that's what I'd like to show you guys today. -- -- appreciate I appreciate you gotta stop mode boots and if you have any questions just feel free to contact us or website. Plus one dot com or. Held up.

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