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FDIC 2012: KME

Mon, 7 May 2012|

Representatives from KME Fire Apparatus show you what the company had on display at FDIC 2012.



Hi this -- Jason Wiemer continue fire apparatus. We're here -- FDIC 2012. Cheney has seven apparatus on -- -- FDIC. And if you miss the show we want to introduce you to three of the key products that we have featured at this shell. First what is -- -- rescue package this year's engine rescue has an all new digital control pump panel on. This simplifies the controls for the firefighter lowers the cost because you win one controller on the vehicle now is that of seven individual controllers. And it just makes it very intuitive to operate he simply touch. And the valve opens the position need to go to. It works for the gloved hand it works in all of the elements. And it provides a nice simple solution. Using all digital electronics for today's market but also helps lower the space on the panel you'll notice -- pump -- only 34 inches wide. That keeps the -- down so they can take a full engine rescue that is 496. Cubic feet of storage capacity. And put on a 187 -- so still very maneuverable for the fire industry -- -- in those tight streets. So the new -- engine rescue features 496. Cubic feet of storage capacity leader in the industry. Full -- full -- compartments on both sides of the apparatus. 29 inches deep 72 inches tall -- can store any rescue equipment or -- -- equipment they are looking to carry. This package which is only 31 feet six inches overall length. Has -- thousand gallon capacity in the tank. 975. Council water 25 gallons -- fault. With all this storage capacity. A large -- bed and that water tank it's unrivaled in the industry. Now I'd like to show you the back of the apparatus. Rescue customers -- -- have a lot of storage capacity but they also -- -- some unique items. Up on the right side we have some extra storage space for hose -- can hold 12150 feet at three -- -- -- there. In the center -- a nice -- hosted keeping the firefighter from having to crawl up on to the apparatus. Thousand feet of fighting -- fifth set a height that I can reach from ground level. Latter storage. Waist -- sitting right on top of the frame rails fully enclosed. Latter compliment including your 24 foot two section extension ladder in your fourteen foot roof we've also thrown into space for backwards storage. Because your -- rescue company needs to carry all those different pieces of equipment. The pre connected -- -- there's also storage up top for stokes and a little giant. Another feature like to show you -- came these exclusive lock and load those that cover the lock and load -- to -- -- cover. In a very small space. Allows -- -- -- the cover forward and then lifted up keeping it at a low height for stations that don't have a lot of clearance. But providing a good solid walking surface about. Hi I'm Jason Bay overcame me and I like to introduce you to our brand new 123 -- -- mount aerial at latter. A lot of our features across the border from -- -- nine always that 123 -- consistent featuring like they want a two and a half to one structural safety factor. 500 pounds of load on restricted of angle. Also we feature the widest in the deepest hand rails in the industry. Giving you the capability to pass the stokes basket from the tip the latter to the base. And also creating a nice comfortable climbing path for the firefighter. Also you can notice the monitor has the capability going twenty to thirty degrees above horizontal featuring art came -- storefront but. This gives you the power to get the water more -- -- need it whether it's through -- first floor window. Of warehouse or a soft -- of burning building giving you the flexibility. Put our -- energy and water weight to its best use. You can see our body is full height or depth compartment Haitian featuring over 296. Cubic feet of storage space for you to store your store -- carrier. Positive pressure fans -- saws and things of that nature. Our new body design also features full depth compartments giving -- ability to store saws. Positive pressure fans. That body design actually has over 296. Cubic feet of storage space. Are out -- for this 123 for latter Horry for -- down -- system through the front to the back with eighteen foot senator senator Jack stance. All of our aerial devices feature hand held -- giving -- the ability to get up to fourteen feet away from the truck. To really see are out murders of motion to make sure there's no obstructions with cars or different polls. You'll take notice also. Our ground letters are pulling close within the two with a torque box. This truck actually features over 183 feet of ground matters which is well above the -- so standard complement. I am and the answer product manager for rescue trucks. -- -- fire apparatus. And I'm like thank -- around myrtle beach south Carolina's. Heavy duty rescue truck walk around. Features they predator. Cabin chassis. Produced by came in. This is and it's going through entry through excel at the cab. Inside has custom storage designed specifically for the Myrtle Beach fire department. As well as 44 -- faith and seats. The cat -- large or -- in the highest expansion. With 500 horsepower. One of the features that became me rescue truck. -- formed body design. In this case it's aluminum bodies we do offer. Staying with dealing Galvin the -- bodies additionally. That can be rescued body comes standard with when he nine inch deep compartments which is the largest with conventional frame rails in the industry. This struck in particular features a hill 1850. That -- -- With that 500 gallon water tank. As you can see by our pump panel design it's nice and compact it only takes up the room which we need for all the -- and valves. The rest is left this open storage space where the fire department to use at their discretion. Gave -- custom designs -- fire truck. For each individual fire department's needs as you can see in this compartment itself it's designed with -- slide out -- its storage above. And also our rollout dropped down -- Which feature automatically latches. Picking up all the compartment space this struck also features a six bank cascade system with -- to position -- station. Again all the controls -- user friendly locations. As well as customized storage. Specifically designed for the fire department. I appreciate you taking the time to walk around with me. Please visit our website at WWW back of match dot com -- -- -- -- to YouTube channel outside as well on the Internet.

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