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FDIC 2012: DuPont

Mon, 14 May 2012|

See what DuPont was exhibiting at this year's Fire Department Instructors Conference.



I am just back up north American business segment leader for our service and what's response time. Talk a bit about a DuPont participates in our service. -- and we were art today in the -- heading. Really goes back to 1950s. -- first introduced new Green rupiah. -- system for outer sells -- around here since then in the year 2000. Infuse a lot of different things some -- pro we actually worked with our services. -- -- side with a line of garments both lovely and -- -- So -- -- work with -- services were were very blessed and -- and a sense to have a presence in a lot of different aspects of our service. First piece -- -- working with. Mills and work with the -- we obviously we saw Kevlar no -- -- in different forms. Two to the mills and Republican -- in the technology to make different types of high performance -- Those are then. Sold to them and marketed to that your not here manufactures and again we were with very closely and we kept taking their capabilities and expertise. Merging with a different fabrics and technology provided in concert signals. -- look at different types of performance and function that can provide some of the -- service so that's -- how we participate through different aspects the value chain. -- probably Kevlar helmets represented and -- a lot of different areas of turnaround here wild land here. It's expectation here gloves boots. -- DuPont Kevlar and -- no Macs are inherently flame resistant virus which means. Can't watch out can't Wear out over time we're very proud to serve a lot of different places and things. Turnout here structural proximity -- here. Think it's really changed. -- the other ways we participate is looking forward with a lot of -- has always been a combination of Kevlar no next. We've been looking for opportunities to make the gear even stronger with a lot of the that nature of the North American firefighters going into the destruction being pretty -- of their firefighting. Teams. We need to have a lot more durable systems and so -- we trying to make them. -- -- to maintain the performance and trying to we could reduce the weight is working with value chain to make them more durable and the way we've done that. Is looking Kevlar comes in different forms a Kevlar element is a unique form that it's actually same kind of fire but it's used in ballistic armor. And over the years we are currently serve the military on the man's -- and recognizing that -- a -- filming could provide. Actually sent out along with some other businesses. To want -- and new plant and Cooper river South Carolina Charleston area. Late last year in October to when he eleven. A 500 million dollar investment. To be able to provide. More Kevlar to think more -- element industries like fire service and -- -- and when it's attitude the existing -- -- systems and face pos systems provides a lot more. Smoother. Surface and find more publicity. But also -- -- more durability and talk a little bit about -- people. -- innovation and people launched. Global corporate campaign. Last year on the global laboratory. What's really important for DuPont is as we look at how the global marketplace -- expanded and the benefit from the expertise -- them. -- several different areas -- service. We know that oftentimes we can't do things and really get to step change things on our own so. We work very closely with the various -- -- serve our service. -- your manufacturers as well as the end user associations and work together really understand. What the challenges are -- how we can take the best of each of those those levels of expertise. And combined them in a way that we. We step change some of the things that we're doing it may look at him just animate individual way -- we all get together and talk about. And get the best -- both different various combinations of things working with various members of the industry. We can move the ball further faster. We look at that is really being very inclusive and an opening ourselves up that's what you'll see DuPont. Together with a lot of people in the industry constantly meeting and discussing and working together to really understand it how we can work together to come up with combinations of things -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These are just examples of how we merge things together look at things outside the box. Take the different expertise and DuPont hands different categories along with the expertise the mills turn out here manufacturers. Other people of the -- manufactures of people that serve and what's -- And the associations themselves -- would bring things together way -- further proves that the offerings that we liked him. Hi I'm rich young -- DuPont on the applications person for the fire service and we develop products that make firefighters safer. -- -- from the inside out you know we make that most of the -- that the -- in the fire service it typically have faith element. -- -- from DuPont nowadays it's Kevlar. Which helped -- -- fairly low friction fuel further you'll find multi layers of no makes the 89 what that does is give you know. A lightweight material that spin and give you great great ability but excellent -- protection. So DuPont develop that the increase their performance and reduce heat stress if you go further outside -- that. You'll find DuPont products in the moisture barrier you'll find -- well -- product or not moment product and in most of the moisture varies in the market today. And on the outside it was the first -- of people see but actually just protects theater components. Is the outer shell and you're there you'll find no Macs which is. You know traditionally use the -- -- because of its excellent their protection. But also a lot more Kevlar -- -- to a lot of high strength it has great -- and her ability and more and more people are using it. To increase the strength of -- outer -- It's blended with a lot of other FR materials. As well look no Macs to create some of the lightest weight toughest outer shells. On the market today so everywhere you have a turnout coat you'll -- DuPont in every component. And continue to try and make those components better by working with the bills. Developing new materials to make it more comfortable more readable and tougher. -- in DuPont we continue to strive to make your job safer and protect all of. It's so really at the end of the day it's all about it's all about -- service -- And serving them were very honored to serve our service and -- high level of respect. For what they do for all the communities. All of our employees get up every day looking for in different ways to serve them. To work with the different memories -- value chains and ultimately we work together to those thanked us. And we appreciate the time and opportunity to speak with you -- -- any questions or Lincoln or information please go do personal. Actually done coupons dot com thank you.

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