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FDIC 2012: Mobile Concepts

Mon, 14 May 2012|

See what Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY had to display at FDIC 2012.



Close welcome to the FDIC so I'm Chris Simon vice president of sales for mobile concepts by Scottie. Well concepts has been in business since 1956. Manufacturing. Designing and manufacturing costs from trailers. Since about 1989. We've been manufactured the original. -- fire safety house. Which we now have over 15100 up throughout the United States. Japan Italy and throughout the world what we have here now is the next generation of the fire safety house it's called the -- -- It's a few different items that we have the original -- fire safety house -- a lot more interactive features. At this time would like to invite you inside of our I Scotty and show you the new interactive features that we have one end. One of the main features is the interactive touch screen panel that we have here for our video question and answer -- It'll go in here and go to your playlist the editor here. Change the age groups so we have several different scenarios based on the different age groups that are appropriate for the kids -- key to. Preschool through -- first through third grade comes standard is part of the guy's body you then you can also threw a downloadable format. Had fourth and fifth grade older adult caregiver so this could go through the entire spectrum of the age groups. So once you come in here and we'll pick the first through third grade. And we had some -- scenarios on top here. After this is done we go back and -- here at our video control panel. And were able to us start to beat it video presentation on the front screen. The children then have to get a correct answer for them to move to the next portion of the of the scenario. This is escape part one if they get an incorrect answer it will stop the video it will re out -- the question again so let's start the video. As a as we are saying this house a scenario for first and third graders -- -- the audience that would be watching us. So the child wakes up in the middle the night here's a smoke detector. And then the children -- -- going to be asked what they would do now. Given four choices. So one of the children are a majority of the children -- not answer the question. And they decide to go. Go back to sleep we pushed the day we putts and -- panel again. They get a wrong answer they hear noises they get infrared heat. So before they go to the next scenario that happened to correctly so of this case see is that correct answer. We've -- putts bad. They and applause the year got a nice job you are correct now that they've answered that they are able to proceed to the next portion of the video. So. Once they've decided that not going back to sleep is a good answer. -- is gonna get up and go get out of her bad. Sort of the door and what would you do next. Yeah we're gonna have sworn answers to that question. In this case it would just be get out of that moral code towards the door. We -- C. Again they get a nice job. The advantage to this is is not only is the different content that we have already developed for this. We can do any type. Exact contents based on your scenarios that you need to teacher -- think what you're normally teaching. Again children seniors. And the age group that you want to we have a severe weather training video that goes with as well. Talk about tornado and hurricane training as well. Next thing we want to show you as an interactive's. In the in an active interactive pot that burns up on top this. The next portion that we have here is an interactive oven fire. The scenarios in front of the audience -- dealing with is children are sitting around watching this. Armored just put something into the -- pretty simple things want the program is started. You have to turn on the -- -- is that something going on here in -- here you'll see a blue pilots claim is that it was just a normal looking scenario going on. Within a few seconds here you'll start to see -- light up as -- whatever you have put inside of the oven has caught fire. You can hear the volume most -- a little bit louder the crackling noises the lights and get a little bit -- brighter a little bit brighter. So again what you wanna do is you want to invite to children in and say -- What are you gonna do in a situation mom and dad ran to the neighbors south or -- stance -- it was going -- So what he did that. Some of the children -- with well okay let's try to put the fire out. They walked up opened its. What happens is that actually makes. Fire get much bigger inside of the you get a heat lamp. That's probably not the right idea for once we close out back -- hopefully -- -- -- -- that they figure out is the good thing to do is to simply turn the -- off allow the fire to dissipate inside and we'll suffocate itself out. And called mom and dad try to get them take care of the rest of it. Another feature of our interactive interactive kitchen is the -- -- fire. Once you turn on. The pilot light -- you can see a blue flame appears underneath the plot. Whatever it is that mom and -- happen to put in here is going to catch fire here. -- you're gonna want to have your kids involved to try to interact with them and find out what it what would happen. If mom and dad walked away and whatever they had an -- started to put higher plane -- that started out doing. As against C a little bit of smoke starts -- and up a little that the blue now goes to a brighter orange. -- scenario. And it's getting a little bit carried away so as the children from up here what are you want them to do. First thing they should do is turn off this. Stick their hand now -- everyone knew that you got to -- them in that it properly and that. So normally you wanted to do -- -- -- a cookie sheet that's close simply slide it over topic here and turn off the burner. What's the flame out -- suffocate the fire. -- report -- manufacturing manager for mobile concepts by -- and quite often in our -- we ask our customers. What can we build for you. One example some of the things that we can build for you are custom support trailers. Motorized platform such is the freight -- Mercedes -- this is the actual mobile command. Built for the VA medical center. Motorized classrooms. In commands. Has Matt cascades style trailers. Swat vehicle. Mobile incident command post in either a fifth will. Base chassis or a bumper pool. Bat -- bill substance abuse testing trailers. This is a mobile processing center. We also do refurbished -- of vehicles manufactured by others. -- -- three communications and -- -- And CBR any response straight. Thanks for stopping by the -- today and to -- -- remember 1873. 0213. Or visit our website at www. Mobile concept dot com.

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