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FDIC 2012: Globe

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Mon, 14 May 2012|

Go inside the Globe Turnout Gear booth at FDIC 2012.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are there armed robbery the globe and welcome bit FDIC. Lots of new -- fifth fairway for the globe company. With all really all of our customers throughout the -- -- We've got a new fifth fifth of the -- about with our victory -- are the best. Both purple and and -- -- most of all around here available today. First period -- have -- complicated period here are our folks that are going into the victory. -- different bit. We have a -- might -- We have relaxed a regular fitness forget that mobility the best sitting here quote -- you can have a goal here is wonderful it's tight fitting. It's great to move and move all around and it's just it's there's not sloppy it's it's. Nice tight fitting here this for some -- won't let alone. You know I. Like the top part of your -- like a lot of flexibility. And then the -- feel like you know you can move it around and had a lot better than. I -- before -- now. Well first somewhere -- it. Excellent apple didn't fall late into night. I couldn't believe -- is close to tell me how you see that -- down here Greg Greg Greg. We also learned here to -- -- a little bit about. What we call walk which is a wearable advancement for platform -- your -- your technology. -- actually -- technology that is coming out of academia and out of development community. And developing it you go back into the first service as well of military applications. I'm mark Mordechai of the inspection company primary care previewing system called -- Stance or wearable advanced sensor platform. Watch the -- too important to -- -- it. Physiological monitoring and location tracking firefighters in real time -- there you have -- the latest and greatest from globe. Are you could put them in our victory here the best here on the planet. We got a chance to feel of the upgrade technology and why love for -- to come buyers are blue. Good enough for any trade show. Don't go through like -- -- go to our web site a globe who I fear dot com and fear are brought -- product. That the latest and greatest for firefighters do their job.

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