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FDIC 2012: Elkhart Brass

Wed, 23 May 2012|

Take a tour of the Elkhart Brass booth at this year's Fire Department Instructors Conference.



Hi my name Phelps -- without our -- at Yankee. Welcome to our -- thank you for stopping by. A paragraph of the industry leader -- fire suppression and water flow technology including monitors novels. Out and the hero I. We invite you to take a look around. Hello I'm Tom -- without her breasts I'm here in our Lucas Oil Stadium Booth. And I wanted to talk to you and introduce our new SB ten and SB fifteen balance. We're reducing these -- a one inch and one and a half inch size. They are reliable they are easy to install and use and they carrier ten year unibody warranty. This will complete our product line in our unibody valves and we're thrilled to introduce them and look forward to having. These as a part of our. Product group. How are you my name is Michael will -- time and currently lieutenant with Chicago Fire Department I'm here to show you a new technology called a hero type system. It's a high rise emergency response offensive. And this is a brand new high rise -- stream for any type of high rise constructed building at any floor level. It's designed to be lightweight easily transported. And to set up and virtually minutes minimal training is acquired. He can give you up to 700 gallons per minute of water within an extremely fast period of time. It transports and elevators it's been designed to fit into current tactics that we ever that we already have in place. It operates from the floor below so the safety features behind that also are that the conditions on the floor below the fire -- just as we're standing in today. -- C -- -- system does not replace. The current frontal attacks that we that we have an -- tactics. What this does is gives you an option to knock down the majority of fire and it wouldn't go in for the washed on after this this design. For. To protect the firefighters from the kids today a point that the temperatures too high -- a fire becomes too great to be able to handle it from the interior. Of a high rise structure. This is designed to protect the firefighters to give -- -- knocked down which also gives us the advantage after work to be able to protect the lives and property of the building. Hi this is. Eric Holmes OEM product market director broker brass here FDIC. And this year we're showcasing our EX -- product family. We have two monitors currently in -- product family. And the concept behind the -- them is to take the best technology of all the different markets we serve and bring together into one product. Elkhart -- cells monitors into the construction industry where they have extreme vibrations. We -- monitors into the mining industry where they have continuous use for days on end. And -- into the DIC industry where they have very low temperature. So we've developed one product that can meet all these needs and that brings to the fire industry a higher performance. Products. With very easy to use intuitive controls. And a new level of your ability. For the monitors. Thanks for stopping by for more information you can visit our website. -- -- -- -- -- --

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