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FDIC 2012: Firecom

Thu, 24 May 2012|

See what Firecom had on display at FDIC 2012.



Welcome to 2012 FDIC comfortable Bryant directors cells or fire common welcome to our Booth. And I'm here with greats make their -- and -- with that are citing higher -- partner and also -- -- apart from. And that rates but some of the things you like about working in the park -- especially on that maybe from your end as the as the user also as a partner in -- -- Leo and there's a bunch of things Anemia the product -- -- -- you know the headsets work great wireless licenses and just come out. I'd definitely the hot -- removed the wire let this go around the fire truck -- we've got to do as a user. And as a reseller obviously and it's just -- what people want. Work when fire on the customer service -- support. -- Who's really into that and I guess lastly you know about my and so. Didn't anymore but. This stuff -- -- plug and play so we're you know installing it getting it done didn't and the fire house didn't happen. -- -- -- Obviously a couple of like -- -- can't do it without that's been partners such as yourself and I thank you for all your help and support. I had -- and probably would fire come VP of engineering I'm here today and Philly are hard news second generation wireless headset. Are thinking their -- -- wireless headsets. -- great for the firefighters we have all the features that if you've been at war and we delivered to you guys that they have. Long battery life 24 hours a -- -- to go in and around here apparatus on theme. Enables you to have full duplex communication have all your situation where did your radio and as well if your team. All inclusive. No wires. Basically its lighter than -- wired headset did you need great way to communicate on the senior V in -- apparatus. And enables -- a better believe that team with better communication. Wells -- bring into the show our digital intercom. We'll take a next generation digital intercom -- They -- taken from the feedback has come from the car industry. You need more radios need more just stability -- need a way to deal to have a cleaner communication. So all this is packaged into a footprint that is completely over form factor. Replaceable with -- 301030 plane. You'll be held upgrade war as a part of a new installation. We also have our fire -- didn't. Is a remote head. Palermo ahead gave me being waterproof. -- now now -- pump panel has all the same functionality I hear you're basically under these winner Tom. And they give you they -- way to deal to communicate. And have all the way all of it in all the places that you need to have -- communicate. Our problems -- -- now I have enough parked on you there for years. I'm here to -- I'm also an installer. It's easy to install the plug and play quite so -- -- home. That good birdie on user they have issues that they can monitor and it's easy for us -- -- services. And -- -- station install it serves -- and then we'll climb back up. John hired instructors to provide them. We've used the fire come headsets now wireless. Provider here instructional techniques of water pump operator. We've seen a marked improvement in the ability to it struck with a group of students at -- pump panel. Using the wireless headsets and over and above the noise of the engine off. Improve marked improvement and the practical skills testing by using the the headsets and getting the information to the students. And also marked improvement in the written scores. Testing and certification -- -- operators. We find that they headsets are hard workers communicate directly with the students. At the -- panel -- above the noise and what's the students can. And ask questions. -- transmitting through instructor. And instead of having this -- you're actually teaching with a one of the other five people are standing around they can't hear anything for example. -- -- marked improvement in the educational use. The wireless headsets. Fire comes about safety. One of things that we've instituted as a partnership with simulation technology for boating safety. Efficiency and teamwork in the -- -- It's -- -- kind of busy here at the park come boot. When the things I learned a long time ago you can't do it without a strong team apart -- we're here to ensure your success also of course you can't do it without the firefighter. I appreciate the help of the firefighter in the team apart com. For more information empire com you can find -- at WWW Caricom dot.