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Lowering a Down Firefighter from a Window

Tue, 29 May 2012|

Dan DiRenzo and his crew demonstrate using a personal escape system to lower a down firefighter from an upper floor or roof. Sponsored by Sterling Rope.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [SOUND] Hi. I'm Dan DiRenzo, welcome back to Fire Engineering's Training Minutes. In this session, we're going to focus on the use of personal escape system, again, but this time, utilizing to remove a downed fire fighter that's unconscious from a vertical situation. Could be an upper floor, or could be via rooftop. What's going to happen is we're gonna utilize the rescuer's personal escape system as a lower device. We're gonna hook it up to the downed firefighter, and we're going to vertically lower him down to the safe haven. Here we have a firefighter that's gonna become the lower. He's gonna get a structural member as the anchor point. What he's gonna do, he's gonna wrap it, a small piece of webbing, take himself out of the lower operation. By establishing that, he's going to deploy his system, utilize the [INAUDIBLE] from his system to hook into the levy with a rope, and now he's established an anchor point to where if something was to go wrong. The weight goes onto the anchor point, not onto the rescuer. At this point, one of the window rescuers is gonna take the window device, extend it to the window. As he gets to the window, he's gonna get a mark and clear that sill. Once you clear the facilities he's gonna bring it back, and he's gonna start to establish it onto the firefighter's SCBA. To utilize the SCBA it's got to be converted to a full body harness. Once the attachment is done, utilizing a two half inch maneuver. back onto the hook. The second rescuer will complete the conversion of the SEBA. The second rescuer is opting with the personal harness conversion, incorporating the shoulder straps in with the class two. personal harness situate a full body harness. The downed firefighters now that we roll over. Focusing on the torso of the body. You're going to bend the legs up to get that torso as close to that sill as possible. Conducting a two part lift you are going to get the fire fighter up and into the window. one two three >> Once he is in the window they are going to communicate with the lower and once the lower is ready they are going to feel him out >> ready? >> ready. >> clear >> clear [BLANK_AUDIO] Here we saw how we can adapt the personal escape system into the use of removing a firefighter from a vertical situation. Whether it be an upper floor or a roof. We'd like to think Fire Engineering for allowing to film these Training Minutes as well as our sponsors, [UNKNOWN]. Thank you and stay safe.

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