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Firefighter Bailout from a High-Rise Building

Tue, 26 Jun 2012|

Dan DiRenzo and crew demonstrate how a firefighter can deploy a personal-escape system to escape from an untenable situation in a high-rise building and reach a lower floor. Sponsored by Sterling Rope.



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Dan DiRenzo. Welcome to Fire Engineering's Training Minutes. In this segment, we're going to look at the use of the personal escape system for a firefighter to egress himself or herself from a high rise situation. Situation will allow for firefighters to egress down but not totally down to the ground. It will allow for them to egress down to a lower floor. They may not have enough escape line in their system to make it from a 15 story building down to the ground. So in this situation what they would do is anchor themselves off, preferably the remote anchor. Get themselves out of the window, lower themselves down to a safe floor. Once they get to that safe floor, they'll take out that window if not already done so, that should be in line with the window they're coming out of and they'll get themselves into that room where they can be safe. Then they'll dislodge themself from the system and they'll be able to walk away without being trapped in the upper floor. So what we're gonna do here is, the firefighter is going to deploy his system, he's gotten himself to a safe area, he's transmitted his Mayday, he's trapped in an upper floor of a high rise building. He's gotten himself some slack, so you go around a substantial object. He's gonna place his two half hitches back on through the hook, and lock it in. He tests his anchor, Now he's going to move horizontally across the room to the window. [SOUND] Gets himself to the window, he's going to make sure the device clears the sill, to avert any jammed devices. Once it's clear, he's going to go left arm, left leg. [BLANK_AUDIO] Right arm down into the wall, transition himself around, and roll out of the window. [SOUND]. >> [NOISE] This is simulation of a fire flood deployment personal escape system in a high rise situation to where they couldn't get down to the ground. They've gotten themself down to a lower floor and disengage themself from the harness in the system. We'd like to thank fire engineering and our sponsor Sterling Rope. For allowing us to produce this video. Thank you and stay safe. [MUSIC]

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