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Advertiser Survey Results July2012

Wed, 1 Aug 2012|



Hi this is David Warren VP digital media here -- -- And I'm gonna -- about the next fifteen minutes. -- -- when you're really interesting survey that we conducted over the past year or so. Was our customers specifically advertisers and exhibitors. -- methodology. And of course web based survey that we sent -- to 51000 emails from. The so called call from promo list. And -- -- also pulling data from -- evil but which we'd be duped. We received -- -- can responses. Then we have multiple screening questions and through those we actually eliminated. Over under to respond these so -- into the 601. Dollars -- pre. Sizable survey. Aren't -- were 400 dollars on interest groups that we -- honoring them. So here's the invitation looks like who -- look at a later if you want I'm gonna goes through some of these early slide to spend more time on the meaty parts later. So descriptions of the people -- responded. Starting here in the left so -- 4% were currently clients. 14% this is of the 710 initial respond these. And so mostly mostly you -- clients some more recent clients live among anything in a while social lapsed customers. And the others were essentially prospects. So through the screening we actually -- prospects and then that was 601. Customers to to actually queried. So essentially 84% were current clients from a 16% were want to when we -- call lapsed customers. So there are now about nine out of ten. Were direct customers don't agencies. And of those that are drug customers. -- you know 84% said that they did not -- agency's -- line of small minority that sixteen. -- -- they did use agencies to purchase advertising. And these respond he's virtually all have purchasing authority for one of these areas. He not print digital or exhibition and trade show. What kind of products of their body. -- was too little -- torch print media but also. About half also and had purchased in the last year. Had bought either prevent or Rome or digital products from us. Their job titles about two thirds of them war -- marketing in their name. Anywhere from marketing manager marketing director -- -- VP. I'm also we rolled that is the development and of that description. So two thirds of marketing people one search -- in general other executives. Broad swath of industries actually a number of them buying across multiple criminal industries are verticals. The only industry that were also well represented. His dentistry don't have -- -- Don't know yet why that is. Could be that. The industry contacts were not in the database. -- or source of data that we use for this particular survey. Police were well represented there. -- goes from -- key questions. -- short -- was some sort of general product development and questions. Which this one is what business issues if you wake tonight. We gave people hit -- Tex walks to fill out. These answers are available if you'd like to read them I think we've done around 200 people to fill out text responses here perhaps more than that actually. And then can ever -- So a lot of -- very short simple some quite lengthy. So well here we -- the top -- which is economy. Which shows showed up obviously a lot. So deep concern -- our economy and ability and excellent budget goals. Then. Some big ones around. -- -- advertising and the need for good leads. Which will come up again. It's public will be in later. They'll also ask the next question which is related. What do you feel will be the basically -- transit will impact your market for the next five years. They can't conjure -- up there again these -- -- text responses by the way that we categorized. And then. I want the popped up that was in the previous response are really social media. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But these were substantially lower. If you're -- some really -- -- answers. What do you want from your media partner and we actually providing -- answers and also text box to give us other things. So right up top here fifty -- and show me how effectively reach my target audience. The next recommend the right solutions to meet my objectives. Third educate me on how to get -- for my money. Provide feedback and -- created producers also want help me understand -- media metrics. And then quite a bit below the upcoming design and digital media ads then another category. So far -- categories he's a bit. Those first five items. Paul could be rolled up under under the term -- to the selling. There's a customer saying they need more this consultation. Advice and support -- them buying in getting emotional value. Found. Advertising products. The next. -- look at communism -- digital media Adams. You know that release for the points to desire from the outset of 14%. You know desire for world social -- like potentially an in house agency. Then we'll skip to next screen here to go into depth on these other responses -- there's quite a bit. These were also text responses. Believe there is -- that's a mediator so these responses. That we categorized. In this or people achievements so there were. They decided to actually answer another -- of their own. Then we went back and categorize these text responses. So again number -- showing up in nice a little bit differently in the end -- came down to they want it more consulting and advice to help make the best marketing choices. Number two -- said repeatedly it -- good leads. Three -- all around good metrics. Around -- and data to show effectiveness or oral or on a few things we've already seen here. -- we had 18% say I -- lower cost of advertising. And 6% marketing services. Saying asking specifically for some sort of -- service solution. -- onto the next question how satisfied are you with panels business processes. So. We who listed. A set of key business processes that customers. And advertisers typically will interact with. And then -- people they can point scale to rate from not satisfied at all to very satisfying. And then these -- the -- -- Average results. The ones at the right being the lowest. So we don't have a great deal food to compare these against. Ideally you know what you're you'd have -- historical responses to -- -- -- against a -- getting better or worse. You also have ideally -- Data for your competitors to compare with your better or worse -- -- we don't have that at this point vote -- this initial survey we can see. Which areas -- a better response than others and we can say that the three most. Were proposals by far the lowest Demetrius collection and -- -- payment. We know the proposals have been an issue for -- proposals and that's being address currently buying. With Salesforce.com. -- as well some additional programming. It looks like we could also take into the invoicing and -- of collections areas. To see if we can make some improvements there. Next question how important to you or -- -- aspects of doing business with them -- We chose a number of key. -- key variables here. I hear from any -- -- doing business speedy response. Service. Product offering in consultation and vice. You can see here far and away the most important desire for money. So the next question is not how important is but how satisfied are usable aspects. So the previous response value for money was the most important. And you can see here all the way on the right fit and I from many who did far away the worst of all these responses so. -- if money was what is most important for customers in this one upon which were doing. Far and away the worst. We're also not doing well there in consultation and vice. But it wasn't rated as being as important as value for money. So this is the same question as the previous one just look at a different way this is. Analyzed. With a methodology called net promoter. Which was developed around. And by -- General Electric. And this is where this ten point scale we do is a segment to respond -- each question -- three segments. Promoters which -- -- which gave us -- score nine -- ten. Neutral respond he's which gave us a seminary response and less than seven or six or lost -- so called detractors are people are really unhappy. This particular analysis. Methodology is held up pretty well. Across lots of lots of industries so it does provide some level of interest. So when you -- these it'll blind you into the Blue Line here being the promoters. And that's promoters on each individual question it's not the same people across all those. You can see that there are beautiful book a couple areas of particular concern. So again highlighting -- value for money matter fact on the value for -- question. We have more detractors and we have promoters. Which is particularly scary so. And also consultation -- advice while we do have a little -- a few more runners we have protect tractors and area. We have more neutral. People people that aren't really that impressed. That we have promoters were only doing well in the case -- more promoters then neutral or detractors. In the years of service speed humorous response and ease of doing business. Regularly drop off a bit in. Product offering. Where we have -- so -- -- from understand we have neutral. Now from -- person perspective you based on all these other responses I would say that last part offering may be due to desire for more legion products. But this so responsive as much wider than that so. It could also be some people -- in there from events and from print wanting more other products. It's not clear to. So in summary. Based on the data from this from a survey. -- -- -- say one we clearly need to address value for money. And here listed on there I just over a list of the a couple of were present -- a text comments that were in this study. So these are things that customers saying not don't know what -- -- Number one we look at. Value for money. Some customers were talking qualifying or alive -- advertising generates revenue. Provide on its permission be on the numbers demographics purchasing behavior except her. That's are looking for so in most cases it sounds like it's not that people. Doubt that we're delivering value. Or -- or -- -- it's on the -- -- proving we're delivering value. Or at least -- -- isn't paying for so we need. Based on that interpretation. Better data so better reporting and better. Skills in the sales force explaining their results to customers. Two consultation and advice again some key comments -- from customers. Making -- -- -- media offerings will work best based on what competitors are doing in your track record. -- McConnell with out of the box solutions specific to me. -- provide new and creative ways to stand -- -- -- advertising environment. That's what customers are wanting and by and large they're saying that we're not. On average during that period in the Syrian. And then three product offering this needs a little more investigation we clearly know that at least on the digital side we need to offer -- more and better. The generation products. And catch that -- part of that we also need to. Offer better and clearer. Metrics and our -- line. -- -- proof. So. That concludes Lionel -- and the short presentation. -- we're listening.