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Sharepoint Training-Global Event

Wed, 1 Aug 2012|



Clinton is telling us your character product elements. You're looking at our share -- change because that's page for here. Now the global event coming up we're designing and welcome it's that -- -- used as a template for all the other participating sure. And essentially what group looking for is that consistent line. When you plan on each department page with Kansas alum. Some conflicts will be especially for the global finance and some influence -- -- around. And if we'll keep listening to happen here for every petty and -- they frustration for our users. As charged page elements firm welcome pages. -- -- it department aim at the top. And then we want to have information about our team it's. In this case my team that's a very small team fifty people. And to handle what I have what we have pulled these standard inspection with about our team. Where I describe what our team does -- our valued team. And then it fat and -- -- standard SharePoint web part to it's. And my contacts. Links in here with the -- myself. And information on my girl and then page Nichols -- -- team. And then in the detection. And the next column. I have an area for -- product now resources. And Andrew that to a discussion -- -- for the global events. So what we're gonna do is avenue page. For this part of this tutorial amnesty means that your party have a -- And we need to create a book patents. So that -- actions. And click new paints. -- -- -- Three. The first thing that we want to do is choose our White House. Suggests that each for 83 columns with -- her first and if it works -- me. And you probably don't and inspectors -- yellow line here showing where each of the three columns are. And -- -- area. And he can actually justice sent her the type that you. And he can edit it. To be whatever size. Make that 24 point and it clicked that ActiveX so I was entitled no -- that -- I'm going to copy and paste his friend and another page. Do what I do at the -- give me an Air Methods that's just to save your changes. Before continuing continuing click and -- And just going to you copies -- tax it's about my team. And now we're not at that -- countless page anymore. You just want to click on paints. And then had to -- If you can hear it's pretty easy she just text should -- each. Class. And doing -- hands. Adding text. Well well -- gives you a little bit tighter control over the page. If -- -- just chat text of the column. We wouldn't be able to control what. That are you seeing what -- for every part of the page that we can control column. Except -- and -- -- -- And -- the media and current transaction. And it's called content. Click on the inherent. In and just -- -- -- clicking on the drop down -- him. And changing the title. Look at it again and click that click here's the current terms and he can paste. -- -- -- -- came through and turning and few. Different SharePoint web parts. So it can't we what -- her shirt would be where we want to enters something that they should CF -- -- blinking cursor here. I'm going to get to answer to. And she's -- -- has a whole lives and different categories. Little modules that. They make available to us. And what it means is under miscellaneous. Add contact details for our team. Just click on that contact. Campbell two and click on the little Aaron. That's -- care -- -- -- up when you hover over it. And click edit -- park. Gonna open up a menu this. And for title in the first. Contact. -- the today our team. That -- -- to contact. I'll give you a hint after a lot of trial and error. He cannot -- names here are separated by -- are separated by com. If somebody figures out away please -- -- home let me ask them. So in the search firm my name. By typing -- clicking that little icon. Click on my name and I find -- hint at -- nation to see if that I have a picture here on my profile. That's because -- add another picture to my profile. If you haven't added a picture here -- file he can -- -- in quick time. My profile. And then just click on and edit my profile and get down -- picture and they choose picture. There is -- way to type anything in this little plane theory here that part of the webpart. I want a little bit of information about -- role and pace. Some type here. And evidence. Make it look kind. When it. Basically I'll just say what products -- issues. And contact -- floor and about how to introduce new products through pet process. Except. Now for pages -- part. I don't have any headline conference. Because I've got our team members about the mind and -- we figured out little trick for. And he can't have it be empty. Because -- -- -- T it'll have a little default title out there that it. Just kidding around where's the title and -- a few spaces. And and tears contact name. Okay and then it'll just repeat the text -- and paints. Okay so now that we have that set up don't forget that today. He can hit safe and keep entity. I only want you to pay it if -- -- accidentally -- the paints and you have -- -- -- that page to see your main menu by I have to care. Perhaps not here. Because I don't want my page to be available until it's finished or until. In your case possibly that equivalent happens. A few days before that just thought I'd actually. -- to view all site content to. Once -- get there -- the Linksys those sites pages. If you click affair then you'll find the page that you've been working this is he hits it. She currently here on your -- provided tries to ease her with a three columns with patter. But I to explain why. Essentially because you only have. The option to do. -- -- -- In other words -- into. 3COM -- with a header and then three more columns with the new header. You can't outlined things if I wanted to have about our team here. Land are contacting tells us here in the our world this year. I wouldn't be able to makes her that the next action is -- Horizontally. All of line and do what I -- to do is everything about our team in the left column. And and that next action. Is where I'm going to it's the product development resource linked with. To the global apparent activity. Of the I mean just pay resident. And just have competitors. And then this is just kills a copy. In this area all have product development resource links haven't clicked a link -- you might mean. Product development page that currently is my page. Annan's and -- tell about other sections like our competitive intelligence section we've been working on building. And -- immediately -- that'll have global of and activities we may have a client distortions tutorials. That'll be an hourly cost of those documents there. And we advised that every Koreans have. -- and discussion area so that it will be a -- areas that during the global people can leave questions. And he can not necessarily have to be meaning that -- -- every minute and still be able to interview that these questions. They're going to and -- team -- team discussion. What part to the new society half as taking discussion and part our audience is part. And it will be under limbs and libraries. And heal the team that little I -- her team to cash. And if you are using. Little forum titled -- your team to -- The -- is for the equivalent -- by just clicking on it and hitting. And then he can advance to the title of under here in this. To say. Global event sketched out. And just -- to okay. Now if you don't happen to catch the guys that you can use for the global apparent party part of your site. That just took to -- actions. And click more -- -- -- left hand column for communications. And click on the to. And then you'll get -- for discussion board. That -- had click on and tying. Global. This -- And hit -- And you'll see as the entered discussions we now have a new discretionary and called global of discussion department. But that doesn't add -- to your page. Here -- if we went -- navigate to a page that some progress can't decide actions. And candidates to view all site content. And -- to fight page and look for -- welcome page that you've been editing. And we went to edit the page. Now artists have a global event session that I accident -- will go ahead and put Sutherland just remind you how to do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you can see now we have the global -- to the fashion department. That and now we have to discuss here. Says that's how to create and and global offense discussion board for your department. Yes so far we left and right hand column. That's because we have plans for the column. To help with the continuity at the global -- we've got to chat component that we like everybody. To their right rail consistently across all of the sites participating in the global I'm going to be against. And click my cursor where I want and let -- -- insert. -- -- and look over here. In the categories. Or lightning tools -- are. And there will be only one -- -- there at the H chat let -- -- -- -- And then. I feel -- the split -- doesn't play really well what others. And other words. It tends to cover any components that you -- to let let. So initially -- play in opening the global discussion under the Bennett and a realized that the discussions that would cover when that's what our -- -- that. Changed the title reflects. And it's consistent on all the what part if you just look at what part. And -- can get a title change you can see just -- hardest covering and a my toolbox here and I have to click on the little air am and Telus and an alliance. So that's I can come down here and click. Okay and am I can just three or. That lead to -- -- to be expanded all of the time because some users. Might not Nan team click. That's happening is right here where it says curtains -- minimized. -- normal. Minimized will make you cannot just let her likeness. And normal match should not open with a chop wind and -- Another thing that isn't ideal is that that's. Chat window doesn't seem to want to obtain the out -- -- -- out there. And settling down it'll just be a little lighter and a possibly -- and people grain. Another thing that I just to make my page. Is wins and -- to each of these columns. And team and be only 200 pixels. What that is that helps with that Chapman and it merited genome just. -- -- -- -- If you go under a carriers. And win. And say 200. That it won't change that let them. And until you've changed everything. In that column. Now that we have Colin items also -- you -- pixels -- You can seen that if we change the screen size. But it just the -- -- patient and once it gets 200 pixels that creates an arm. We. Just of the page says if people -- lap time. -- that's be able to you she everything we've seen on the big screen. And I'll be a little extra space here. But at least -- -- we're on top story and we have the basic template complete. And maybe some differences in how you all access. For example again my team only house -- people on page and myself. If you are -- group. Several different departments what you might like to do with the group in mr. -- there pictures here ends. People can still -- Houston organization. By clicking -- their name and coming over here -- organizations are. And that's pretty cool because you just cursor and different and you can -- She's got -- -- reports to them and agency. You reports. You also might want to link to separate department -- In my case I or welcome change from my department's. And linking TV's main items that we're here my product development resource of probably in nineteen until. And then some global and activities that we haven't created. You may have links to specific department. This year. If that's the case. You'll just created a page for each partner us. We created this page before -- just three -- -- -- just got to -- actions. New page. -- your page name and then -- create. Do you think that he wanted to you if you want to -- for instance cheer them -- Olympian -- me. And -- -- in the case and we got hit. -- -- -- -- -- And where will play -- here welcome back -- We'll -- -- creating a new pitch. I told. Yeah -- me. Page. I -- and let's just -- technical terminology from what we're doing here. Say here's what we want to -- everywhere you and link. Shadow a page from the industry me here I'm sure he's left -- contents. And it page -- -- And -- Now we went ahead and save the page. And then click on eventual pain. To hit the link for the page here. So and pasting my idea can't be -- link here. And clicking okay. -- America doesn't that just -- thought page and here. But it's on the very day when -- Let's look and see if we can. Evidence to make the window -- Let's make the -- being. However pixels -- So much better. Have to double scroll bar you get them going at least they can get to turn a page in the DM KP and you don't have to feel like he needs you. May have a lot of content from the -- -- -- -- Take that cross -- coming pressure point -- Kennedy. So now that we have I train change and I copied don't think we can just close. Insert. A link. From ultra. And it's just plain text -- you can change that what you. In case -- you are out there. And -- say it. -- -- -- -- And it worked her effect. I'm going to show you how to think yet here page because in the past -- and a great tool to earn virtual. The first thing you want to do is navigate your document -- there. And he got here to the library tools include content documents. You'll see may I comment on -- new -- there. Click that and saying. -- At the end. You can't say that. So now that we have our global about the US folder click on the folder. Let's -- this -- -- this folder. Just a lot -- Can click okay. They may take -- to Atlanta. And then navigate back to do editing your page. OK to view -- content. And find your page purchase. Didn't. Because we -- a couple steps to. And then you -- choose where you're going to take your date yet. I think often. Right underneath all of these. The lists of links. And so what you need to do it is. Okay to have it changed. And Richard -- are wary when it happened -- -- Gonna click on and shirt which is how we get to our hearts. What part will become available or in. And then guarantee -- and -- And then media -- hearts. And saying. Now that we have our media -- part. We need to get back in the URL for that that -- that we lacked. You. Sound like to you. And we want to -- -- changes before leaving. -- -- -- -- -- -- Clinton global. That yes. And then right click on the name of the file. And say copy links replication. Now that we have that link copy the we can get back to. Edit are -- So after a lot of trial and error I figured out the best way to -- -- this -- when pars UN click here to configure. And it will open up this dialog box here for that that is true dignity and nothing media options include climate change meeting at the little drop down menu. And then say France and address. And then paste that URL. And hit okay. I don't advise that you say start media automatically. And man just. Safe and Clay -- just app doesn't always probably about -- -- -- Internet Explorer when you or editing your share point change. Because. I found that Firefox and -- other browsers. Don't always. Who worked the bathroom and getting some of the tasks. That he just refresh the page you'll see it'll client. Alternatively if you want to not start that you know -- -- know exactly just uncheck the box. And -- say. And you've seen that it actually. Has a great box -- That the editorial -- -- -- and and if you plan we'll start of it yeah. That if he did. What you might want it to you. This capture screen shot and it happened -- and screen. And then saying. Down excuse. -- your pictures. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- to can figure out. And then change that elements. And you -- that screen shot that we just took. This title and here. -- the page here. And you'll see that at least means you have a picture here and they've gotten instead of that grain -- -- It says your options. Either had to start automatically all our -- starts at -- click that I did I think that picture there. And a few people to me how can she Twitter -- you sure aren't changed. This is a tool used on the DN KB you can see it on the homepage. Here we have themes front and didn't -- like your car -- art higher. End myself so. To make those I went to which -- dot com. -- and what you can do this -- plan. The Twitter handle. For everybody on your team that wants to empower professionals we shared. On the case. Anything seeking out my tweets are here and if you -- have multiple people from your team just separating them com. So once you have all of your people and and you can catch tax you. Then. You just need to configure it tell -- how many tweets which tell us how often you want to you. Refresh. But he went -- -- screen name. And once you've selected everything country. Just click to get much. And then -- the event. And nearly can -- -- on your web page. So we'll go back over here to share things. And edit the page. Amendment that -- Campbell. Are equivalent departmental discuss. -- -- -- -- And -- under media content and you think content editor part that we -- here. -- -- Text your text editor. You can -- -- -- path. And -- it's JavaScript. For -- box. And statement -- use your computer. Now let's get a shared Oxnard and get to the global that -- opener and it. Those tax stopped and then click okay now we can scenes that are Twitter feed documented here. You know before you leave here just right click on not file name and say copy shortcut and then -- -- -- -- change. And get to -- -- let her. Select edit what are and then he's filling shoes that text file right here at the top of the content editor. And click okay. It'll take a minute -- at the Twitter feed or whatever JavaScript you might be -- -- here in Atlanta and if you scroll down you can see that the Twitter feed. It is now the page and you can do that for any kind of and that -- you know the very last. That's process. You won't actually do until the day before -- the global well we want to do. It's -- welcome page to our main man. Here we've got our recently modified page as well just because now we've been working at a -- that is will be seen by anybody that you. And right here's where my navigation starts. And I -- previous version of -- welcome page that I built in preparation for this tutorial. Listed here that you can see it doesn't have everything we it's actually. And an older version. And so what I want to do is and it -- navigation. Just sketchy -- settings. And click on. Navigation which is under the look and feel -- -- gets navigation settings. You can take a look at how -- -- -- I advised at the beginning of this tutorial for your global navigation and she just play the famous appearance right. They're setting right here -- seven -- to have you or. -- on the left hand column and -- the global navigation at the top. -- -- the settings you -- teach you how to have showed some fire and play only the navigation items below the current elected here. And as far as flirting. I have for me annually and that's -- -- -- show -- how did you -- me. Say you can see here are that things that I outlets and in my navigation. In order to add here welcomed McCain's -- investment you what you need to do is. Link. Which does this button right here settle in ordered apple -- We need to Africa crap. Happens -- the window here. And look at you that changed. And -- the link. That -- Here and just got here copy that link. And that go back over to the navigation and things that we are -- And look -- link. -- gonna call it global. Events. Welcome. -- Doesn't -- -- link here. And say okay. You can see Canada to the bottom of the list and I actually -- to be at the top model. Says we just say. -- And it slowly works wait that's just click it over and over again until you out where you want. And I would probably you know at this time of the global I would -- news. The other welcome page that I currently -- by clicking recently -- then click okay. Then he can see it's now at a break here. So now from our main menu him. And we have 11 -- stuff -- -- to make it you're welcome page and that is to click the button. -- -- -- -- I'm not gonna click that -- -- because I'm not ready to make him pitch. That this tutorial is now concluded if you have any questions you can contact client services that's your first line -- -- more. And then contact page Nichols holing Napster or -- -- you have additional questions. Thanks and have a great day.