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Glass Management

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

In this vehicle extrication video, Dave Dalrymple talks about different types of glass you may encounter at a motor vehicle accident and tools and methods for removing it. Sponsored by Holmatro.



[MUSIC] Okay, once we've finished our stabilization we're gonna go move onto glass management. Now remember we have 3 different types of windows that we can run into out on the street. Laminated glass most of you are familiar with, we see this all the time in windshields but remember, laminated glass which is. Two layers of glass with a layer of plastic sandwiched in the middle. Besides the windshield, you also sometimes can find it in side and rear windows on vehicles today. This type of glass we need to cut out to remove it from the vehicle. Okay, our second type of glass. Tempered safety glass. Tempered safety glass, remember, when it breaks, breaks into small granular pieces. Unlike laminated glass where it's a sandwich of glass and plastic together. Now to break out this type of glass, you're gonna need an impact device. Some sort of center punch glass hammer. For such like that, that's gonna impact a large amount of force into a small area on the window itself. It's gonna break, it's gonna fall to the ground. >> Breaking glass. >> All right. Our third type of glazing is gonna be polycarbon and a lexan material. Now whereas that's not all that widely available yet, we see it in mass transit vehicles. Buses, trains, planes, and such like that. But in passenger vehicles it's fairly new. Now a good example to see out on the street is the Ford Escape Hybrid where it has the driver side last window is also Lexan, it has the air intake for the positive pressure system for the high voltage battery. That's a Lexan word window, that's not gonna be broken by either our conventional tools either for laminated windows, or tempered glass windows. That type of material's gonna need to be cut out with such as a reciprocating saw, because it's glued in place. Okay, one of the things to remember when we do glass management. Our PP, where as were wearing our, normal type of gear, helmet, gloves, gear, boots. We also need eye protection. We also need respiratory protection now were talk, not talking breathing apparatus but when we cut laminate windows, were gonna produce glass dust. Now, we need to make sure that protect our airway with such as an N95 mask or some simple type of dust mask. That's gonna prevent that dusk from entering our airway. And we wanna make sure that that mask is up when we're doing our glass management, to protect it. Okay, to start our windshield removal, because it's laminated glass and we need to cut it out, we're gonna start with an access hole. Somewhere in the middle of the vehicle, and then we're gonna cut out around the peripheral edge, to remove the windshield. Now whether it's with a glass saw or a resin saw, it'll basically gonna work the same way. We need to get rid of the peripheral edge, all the way around, same thing if the rear window is laminated as well. Okay, for glass management we just cut out the laminated windshield in the front. In doing that we used a glass saw. Now a glass saw is a good for that but also remember if you have side windows that are laminated you're gonna need to cut that out as well. Now, tempered glass we've got a combination of tools to show you today. A glass hammer, which we've all seen either in trade publications or where ever. Where it's a basically an impact device. You're gonna swing it into the corner of the window to impact a lot of force in that area to break it. >> Breaking glass. [NOISE] >> We're also gonna have a spring center punch which is basically a tool that's gonna put against the window. Pull the back apart and let it slide back together which is gonna impact the same kind of. Tremendous amount of force into a small corner. >> Breaking glass. >> And also a spring loaded center punch as well, that will do the same thing. >> Breaking glass. Okay, when we go up to remove our side windows, or any glass in that matter, what you wanna do is you wanna make sure you announce it. So not only the rest of the crew on the outside can hear it, but also the EMS provider inside taking care of the patient. So when we go up to break glass, we're gonna announce it. Breaking glass. Say it loud enough so everyone in the area can hear it. We know what work's being done. >> Breaking glass. >> When the glass is broken and it drops out, make sure you clean the window out with a tool, not with your hand, so your glass doesn't stick to the gloves themselves. >> Just to show you some different techniques and different tools to facilitate taking out tempered glass.