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Tue, 4 Sep 2012|



Commanding the -- today I'm here we deputy chief Anthony -- -- to go over -- the north -- in command made a checklist chief. Hey thank you frank. What we use in north -- is we have a laminated sheet because. You can't memorize this type of stuff you win when things going on you have to. Have some sort of mechanism to assist you in organizing your -- and organizing your made that. So the first thing on -- it is is obviously to acknowledged to -- dad and hopefully -- -- is a mechanism in place where you -- days aren't knowledgeable. From the and we wanna clear the radio and -- do without an emergency transmission which will have a separate tone that everyone recognizes to clear yet. If we haven't on the lunar information yet. We will then ask for the lunar commissioner asked for confirmation. Once we haven't finish we know was missing. We saw the -- team operation in an action from the command point of view we switch the operations to a different radio frequency. In north Hudson. We utilized to frequencies but we've been toying with three frequencies the option 33. Three chiefs three frequencies and in the auction 33 we switch the fire ground to a separate frequency. The May Day stays on the me they frequency with what is called -- -- a manager. And the rich team goes on different frequency at the command post we have a rescue division supervisor or Rick. Group supervisor. And the made a manager they speak verbally and transfer information back and forth from the two parties. And why this really works well is because one it takes a lot of pressure. Emotionally -- the Ric team all soul what it does is if -- want to use of feedback assisted rescue. The feedback assisted rescue the feedback does not come out of the radio host of the Ric team it only comes out of the radio host of the guy that isn't real problem solved. On paper works great but the day -- the fires -- -- to figure that out you have to figure -- -- -- Will also strike additional Long Will strike and along the fire. I don't want -- the rescue and because I don't want those companies pouring into the scene where it's a -- coming a little chaotic will have a level to staging area setup of that. Will request additional cheats because if you have a lot of people coming in you have to have supervision so we wanted to decentralize -- command. -- request additional chiefs to help -- run an operation. Chief a couple things you'll notice with that sheet. It requires a lot of resources especially smaller apartments across the country remember you got that goal -- for reason and it should say logistics on because really what you're doing is you're managing resources. There's an accident at time and time again. There's no politician on scene -- as you can't call for -- helping you need right off the bat you're gonna have to manage your resources also word of caution. Switching channels is probably the most efficient and effective way to run a -- however if you're departments not training on a regular basis on switching channels that could. It lead to radio insanity salute and chaos and the last thing -- The firefighters were doing a better job across the country with the -- we're doing a better job using that artificial -- that muscle memory to get the firefighter prepared to give the mandate. The piece of that puzzle that we're missing right now -- a lot of departments are hesitant to have the command officer. Answer that made -- can you just beat briefly on how important is for the chief. Could get out there on the training ground when we're building that are distressed and -- the -- Absolutely listen you don't want that it's it's like you working without -- head if you're working in it in a situation. Where you firefighters and -- training. That command is often the weak link. Of the whole system. When you're dealing with even confined space technical rescues the -- -- what they're -- the train that practice these things when command is not -- -- doesn't get out of his office when he's -- in his office while these guys doing the training and then he's the one who -- the -- that day. -- -- -- -- a heart problem a hard time doing it and you want to -- the deer in the headlights look. I -- come and get out of your office. Get on the training ground and managed dismayed that working management organizer firefighters be a leader because that's what they're looking for -- -- -- the most. Be prepared for the magnet. The -- report is not only for -- downed firefighter incident command it's also -- information or rapid intervention team officer. Once -- once a rapid intervention team officer does arrived at the location of the downed firefighter he will give an update of the lunar report to the incident command. He's gonna get a proper location. He's gonna give that the unit. Name. Of the downed firefighter -- incident command. That's going to be determined what other resources he's going to need and if there was any additional down firefighters at that location. And he's also gonna tell the incident command what are the further resource -- he's gonna need at his location. And it's also imperative to let them know how much -- -- downed firefighter has and again if there's any other additional victim in his area. As a rapid intervention team firefighter when I -- it down firefighter an area degree. An area of collapse. -- to remove that firefighters to a -- area American birth can convert the SE BA. To a rescue harness to remove that -- firefighter from an area of refuge. We need to maintaining radio and. Operational discipline. When the meetings -- Depending on mute apartments SOPs. When -- -- -- especially in house there -- be certain functions that can be moved to aid in that rescue. For example if you're searching. -- sank to a truck company where you're searching you're assigned to her rescue. You may be called upon to help with that rescue however just -- position inside the fire can't you deviate from. Once just an attack on her back -- -- in line for that matter. Even now I'm here rescuers are gonna make things worse remember when water on the fire's gonna make the problem go away that's -- discipline plays a crucial role. We -- standing here in the stairwell sometimes it's gonna come down to protecting that stairwell protecting that path of egress for -- -- -- to get up. Or in the crew and victim to get down. We just talked to Justin downstairs in the importance of holding -- there is -- pulling out the fire. Bill what -- position. Where you really need discipline that can't be abandoned in -- -- -- situation. As the Boston Chucky wanna make sure you maintain -- discipline to complete your family's past makes you properly ventilate the structure in your guys out. Mentally he is key remember that -- is call that means we have a -- -- hazard he viable environmentally needs to be rescued. Mentally she is likely gonna have to be increased you may actually have to move your whole. Or expand your -- but either way you need to keep the heat off the members jittery team can function. When -- jammed up in a May Day don't be afraid to call it if you don't call it right away. Next funeral we may be going to was yours the problem would not calling a -- some people feel that it's a cultural thing. People feel they make make fun of you. Nobody's gonna make fun of you for called May Day we just don't want to be the next -- -- -- On the culture issue. It's almost it almost gets to -- why I'm sure there's a factor there it almost comes at a point where it's excuse. For lack of training and poor leadership remember when you get jammed up you're gonna fall back on that train and that's why it's important that you get at a firehouse and you start training. There's not a firefighter out there that -- -- make their wife a widow where their kids -- -- community we serve. However that's not blind dedication we want to train for -- best possible outcome and that's going home. If this dvd was -- a wake up call for your dispatchers your firefighters in command staff to start training. Maybe this well.

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