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Tue, 4 Sep 2012|



Okay. Yeah. -- -- -- -- Yeah. It's. -- -- Yeah. Acts and you need yeah you know unemployment soon. Yeah. Yeah do you think you're in trouble do not hesitate to transmit and made today the first step in this. Is transmitting committed itself -- thought lights in most apartments now. Have an emergency transmitted button on the lapel Mike itself. Pressing this button does two things number one and identify your radio as an emergency. Number two it also -- the -- -- you your radio so you won't be stepped on by other companies transmitting their radio traffic. While technology is great a lot of departments still don't have that -- all like. Button on top the kind of emergency button on the base of the radio at this problematic because with heavy gloves. You just can't reach it it's impractical so what other departments can do it Smart we made -- law which activate your castle war. For a split second into the race. Now we all know cash alarms going -- It's almost like. The car alarm call parking -- everybody just walked on by. Are we had medical emergencies so any pass -- law needs to -- SEC -- fire fighters using commanders you know you can have one going. So they haven't. We have gotten placing that -- -- -- be here past alarm going radio people start paying attention to the radio transmission. And then you can transmit your lunar. Now actually get that activation going on you're gonna say it May Day may they may 83 times before your gonna report winds that have. -- -- Very important because everybody has -- -- radio traffic at a fire multiple companies try to transmit the same time. If you haven't heard that you need to get that out there especially in an incident commander they -- begin a search for you. They made it three times really -- narrow down who is actually travel and who's giving that emergency transmission. Also a lot of times -- let other companies who heard me and they'll go over the radio and command and -- Did you 41 command what company is giving -- -- -- -- it gives that. That clear concise -- that there and the -- in trouble. Now we're gonna go wanted to lure -- report and remember it starts we hit the emergency button. Or the -- -- Burnett split second. And then it's on you May Day May Day today. Location. If you need to call a -- the most important piece of information you can give to your rescuers is your location. And be -- Don't wait too long until you're too disoriented to know where you are and be able to help yourself. And remember if you don't know your exact location. Right in your -- as much information as possible in order to help them find you. Unit yeah it is important to -- the -- our procedure as a safety officer. Because it tells me it -- unit could possibly be having a -- which assist me with the accountability on the fire. Accountability doesn't -- fall on the incident command it. Every firefighters responsibility is identifying other firefighters operating within the fire scene for instance recognizing front -- is why -- operating. If I see 243 going to the floor above. Remember from 243. Comes up missing I can be that missing link in the chain. To identify that I saw 243 going to the floor above and help identify that -- -- number. Name was -- -- activates a mayday or hits their emergency button. We're not looking for someone to be politically correct this is the time to -- to be able to put. -- faced with today so addresses selfish in a firefighter -- a firefighter Williams I want to be able to put a face with the person. There were going to to make a rescue. It's happened across the country great fire departments in the -- called in firefighters are walking or incident commanders are reluctant to get the name and a firefighter. If the wrong firefighters accounted for it could cost -- those means your cost of firefighters their life. In a day of FaceBook and MySpace while that is an issue and it's something that the department has to consider the fact is we need to account for everyone on the fire department. That's on that fire out and we need to make sure that we rescue the right firefighter. There. Running out of there is like putting the final nail on the clock they must manager -- supplies from the moment you messed up in preparation for the made -- when transmitting -- -- our formation providing your air supply that you have left -- -- commander is imperative so he or she. That was how much time they have to get to you. Assignment. Signing -- he's the commander including a possible location they're forced imperative they do -- freelance. -- -- Resources needed. The -- -- -- artists given the -- should give us much information to -- -- commander responsible to help affect the rescue. This might be a -- line it might be hydraulic tools -- may be airbags. If you know what you need. Let that information out to -- outside the incident commander this will help him utilizing an effective rescue. The red crew this crew should have the crucial and needed tools to affect the rescue. Whether it's would saws whether it's right hydraulic tools these tools should be decided early on in the fire while -- waiting to possibly make a rescue. These tools should be waiting outside so that you can -- -- Rescue the firefighter. If you're assigned to written -- you should have all your tools waiting for the rescue should not have to go back to the apparatus to find tools. This is a waste of time and could cost the firefighter -- like. Many -- have been missed by the incident commander twice imperative that we trainer fire dispatchers received a -- formation. And relay that back to you. The incident commander with 100% accuracy. -- commanders don't forget your dispatchers have the ability within their -- system rewind the tape. Take -- rewind the tape obtained that lure information that may have been missed and transmit that back to you she can successfully rescued. -- -- Firefighters when given the -- and giving your -- -- information give it from start to finish it may be your only opportunity to get it out. You -- commanders if any portion of the -- are reported missing. -- job -- to actors the air traffic controller to give direction and hope and fill in any of the blanks of the firefighter can be rescued. The repetitive training education practical application I feel develop the necessary skills to know when I have to comment. Miguel could you give us some of those reasons sure known. There are several times he might need to call me you may have. On to a staircase. You know for the collapse and they have become entangled in wires you may have had an out of here emergency. And also sometimes it's related to medical. A heart attacks right now are the leading -- of our our depth. If you wait calling me any second you wake -- minutes before they find. -- Yeah. Yeah the. Live Lulu and smell the food to implement the -- program in the -- important militants. What improvement. From -- approval of the -- We are recruiting tools to get their current.

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