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Tue, 4 Sep 2012|



We want to -- the May Day as soon as possible. However we tend to forget. February 5. While the -- A cut off by fire when searching. The circumstances may dictate you take protective action first such as closing the door or combining the fire. This is what it looks like. -- -- on prepared -- ones out of there. You can feel the panic this panic -- further complicate the rescue. -- -- look at the prepared firefighter. He recognizes is by ruler has stopped vibrating. He stops he gets ready to disconnect the regulator and pulls the -- -- place. This action could mean the difference between a rescue and recovery. You know historically -- -- -- reports have proven that firefighters when they get in the trouble and run out of there. Every move their face pieces that's problematic. We don't want to do that. And one of the big things he had -- remembers -- area as a firefighter you have to know your -- you have to nearest VA system. Would be the -- -- alert well arms they stop going up front -- 10200 pounds you know at that point. That you only have a couple of -- left you really need to prepare. We saw the videos earlier one of the biggest uses -- for firefighters sucks -- -- face. Pulls -- thing right off becomes very difficult. For the rest during firefighters to get a -- back god where they just take the regulator ought to -- deep breath that the regulator off. Pull their hood up over and put their face down low. There are -- to preparing themselves for that rescue team in the coming got a -- As we saw the video big difference in time between having to set up a -- somebody's face that carted off. As opposed to just coming connect in a regular and removing them. Great advice. There's some things chief that the firefighter can do to help himself. If he stuck in a situation but it's dependent on what type of building -- and if you're in a commercial structure. In May be best for you depending on your -- a power just a staple it. Right get yourself along the wall -- for your made a transmit your pass alarm. Turn on your flashlight. Stay put describe your surroundings what you see what you hear. Which you can describe to -- -- intervention team so they can assist you in getting yourself out. If you're in a residential structure in -- be better for you to move. Try to get to an exterior wall try to take your hardest converted into eighth three point harness so that -- intervention team can help get you out. Do what you key and do something to save your life. Communications is -- and -- a situation. We must have monitored channels both -- command and are distractions. And again our radios also must be sent up. To have a monitor channel in our department all of our frequencies or or or set up to an emergency alert goes off it goes to a monitor channel.

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