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Off Duty with Kevin Shea: Confined Space Training

Fri, 10 Aug 2012|

In a break from hunting, Kevin Shea joins fellow hunters during a confined-space training exercise.



My idols -- a minute body -- news. How he's doing Internet zone good excellent revenue are going to be important to me insulin in -- ahead. Pretty -- did you hand -- day today. Yeah coming -- that we found here do we have more amateurs and weekend chicken and Brett absolutely and and we have good connections and connections that connections are all about passing out classes right that's right next away you passively and going your way that's yeah. Probably got Montana Wyoming and Colorado are yet to be good class has to be good class for -- Brightest -- rescue class in Portsmouth Arkansas and like I got students from Montana Wyoming. Colorado -- from all over the way that's what got markets hey T -- -- -- visit auditioning for everywhere they go transit connections run right again. So right now they're doing. -- -- -- Practicing their skills and going over there could -- them. -- say there as he BA comes drills. She's gotta -- battle and what's gonna happen is -- having them get comfortable going through this country to pass off my back. In practice in the ventilation. And then we'll start don't know those containers and shipping containers. And there's some confined space Brandt thanks scenario set up in there. And a couple others that we can do in that -- there. So let's see how I was students do so -- doing really well. It's. No -- Okay. And didn't see one coming -- copying right. Don't work. You okay. -- -- -- enough reason coming out my guys and girls again. -- -- -- -- You know I don't know how. -- -- Good. Michael the second place -- hunting for more important. Leo -- not decide on the island who say this son as the video right now -- -- finds these things I definitely 150000 the most important thing we're doing right this second but that's clever and reliving the moment we live in the moment where well hunt being. It's close I don't think about device face the crowd no we -- I'm heading out to get into -- to get a man and that's what would happen. Good job this is a good --

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