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FDIC 2012: Globe

Mon, 14 May 2012|

Go inside the Globe Turnout Gear booth at FDIC 2012.



[MUSIC] >> Hi there. I'm Rob Freese with the Globe and welcome to FDIC. Lots of new things to share with, from the Globe company with all of the, all of our customers throughout the fire service. We've got a new fit system to talk about with our G Extreme Products. The best most versatile and. And highest range of motion of all turnout gear available today. Well first what we're gonna get, kinda, have the opportunity to experience here are our folks that are going in to the G-XTREME product. And it's two different fits. We have a Think of it like jeans. Where you have a relaxed and a regular fit. Just to get the best mobility, the best fitting clothing that you can have. >> Globe Gear is wonderful. It's tight fitting, it's great to move in. Move all around and it's just, it's there. It's not sloppy, it's, it's nice tight fitting gear. >> This is the first time I've ever worn the boots. I love' em. [MUSIC] You know I like the top part up here. The shoulder area seems like it has a lot of flexibility. And then, the pants seems like you know, you can move around on your hands and knees a lot better than, gear that I've been in before, or that I've tried out before, so. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] In my first time wearing it, excellent. I moved in it fine. Great. Boots were light. I could move in the gear, versatile. I mean, as you've seen I crawled down here. Great, great, great. >> We're also are here to talk to you a little bit about what we call WASP which is a Wearable Advanced Sensor Platform. You can keep bringing technology. We're actually taking technology that, is coming out of academia and out of the development community, and developing it to go into the fire service as well as military applications. >> I'm Mark Mordecai of Globe manufacturing company. And I work here previewing our system called W.A.S.P., which stands for wearable advanced sensor platform. WASP combines two important technologies, physiological monitoring and location tracking of firefighters in real time. >> And there you have it. The latest and greatest from Globe. Our new fit system and our G-Extreme turnout gear. The best gear on the planet. You got a chance to see a little bit about our brand new technology. We'd love for you to come by our, our booth and visit us at any trade show. And also we'd like ya to go to our website at globeturnoutgear.com. And see our broad offering of products. It's the latest and greatest for firefighters to do their job [BLANK_AUDIO]

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