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Vent-Enter-Search (VES) Tools

Tue, 6 Nov 2012|

Captain David Decker of the Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department discusses the basic tools firefighters need to perform vent-enter-search (VES).



Welcome to fire engineering -- in minutes my name's David Decker we're here to talk about an inner search today. DES is day in advance search technique that we used to gain access to trapped victims in high probability areas. Let's look at some of the tools that we're going -- -- yes. First of all we -- our thermal imaging camera. We use this tool to monitor our -- that goes inside the bedroom. We also use it to look for potential victims. We also used to look for the heat signature in the room to ensure safety of our fire fire that's inside. The second -- that we have is the six -- closet. This is used to clear the window closet -- he's going to take out the window. And it's also uses -- benchmark when our firefighters searching inside of -- room. You can substitute this tool with a -- hole. Our next tools -- thirty inch -- -- this tool is used to search with. This may also be substituted with a flathead -- or a ticket acts -- we -- how -- bar. Because it's multi purpose tool. You'll notice on the ground here that we have to -- which may be used to gain access to the second floor from -- yes. For -- fourteen foot -- platter. Which may be used but what we prefer is the 24 foot extension latter. It allows us to change the length of the latter to give us the proper rescue angle. Dead. Yeah. In our next -- -- -- -- him as one talk about when and where to be yes. Specifically we're going to talk about. If there's a high probability of any potential victims and then we're going to locate identify what -- we're going to be. I'm -- -- thanks for watching -- minutes we'll see you next time.

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