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Off Duty with Kevin Shea: Texas Pig Hunt, Part 3

Mon, 27 Aug 2012|

Retired FDNY Lieutenant Kevin Shea and his partners head off in search of wild hogs.



Don't know but hey you know what just -- Barry what's the prediction for the first -- here. -- -- -- he does make up the story. Appropriately. Think what's known as the ghost you might have. -- You know I am with the promise variants might pick Clinton -- -- from previous years in previous videos. So -- second of the camp brotherhood there's been Thomas can't help themselves and start and stop one of the last night we'll -- look. -- -- Think. He was pretty -- we're sick and can't. And first night -- economy Tim -- -- one of the cowboys comes in and says. It's nice. He has always been. Watching this big white hope coming and then -- -- -- about being here -- it all -- -- -- Kind of slipped to narrow -- in last night's you. And they could have. No they didn't name him like that it's. -- just jump right. I going to drive that somebody that we know we we'd like Thomas shot in the bed -- here. You shot all jumpy how could you do that. I don't think that. It's quite that level yet but obviously. Somebody -- -- and our plan -- from a distance these big guys you know it's not a there -- some of the big dogs in the game again and -- scared them all they're they ran revenues yeah I couldn't help myself he was there I was there. -- do what do we see last night but how many. There's over sixty -- over sixteen -- let me get a quick. John what's. Nobody -- They -- really like this at all the previous years. Let's see what we can -- again. -- with I mean gene -- -- pain Thomas barons are going to try and find it paid each last night. Barry we think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- positive. You meant. Here with. This gene -- -- there and -- went sort of Thomas burns and trying to find the pig -- Thomas shot last night. Secret confined. In the moment. And then -- try to make -- move on the yeah. For those who don't. Yeah. Okay when art music and book on. Vista ranch owners dog and we can't get rid of it. It followed the truck. We stocked up on some pigs and don't keeps -- -- -- And oh yeah. Kind of -- that the dog is -- -- -- to death they'll get through and everything can't go go. Go go go -- it can't get get get them. Time that -- the camera and do some -- him. Some blood. Don't -- -- Thomas Tapeh. When -- find him and Clinton. And see if we can. Find that any consistently point to comic -- -- and I. -- They can't take ga can 12012 yeah. Pretty time. Finished. Class respect -- And the Air National Guard recruiting guys -- we don't talk about how big rigs and right from there until this pink last week -- -- -- avalanche head and I don't know why because. Com. West of here. When ten miles east it's hardly any -- there compared -- The only year -- the the second day looking around the country didn't start it. It is really don't like crazy this field is just two point. And I have never seen it. The screen here on the east -- February. Yeah I just never seen this slate February. Places to point. Green we said it mostly boat that was planted something. And that you'll just ripped apart which seem pigs everywhere -- Everybody here this -- and yeah down. -- -- we was talking. Victor Thompson -- a -- Best that we just got your. We can fix it immediately after -- -- -- -- --