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Advanced Extrication: Car Trapped Under Trailer

Tue, 4 Sep 2012|

Steve White and crew demonstrate the process for using struts, cribbing, and air bags to create space to perform extrication in a side underride scenario. Sponsored by Holmatro.



Welcome the fire engineering treatments. And Steve White tie and cute with the -- fire department. In this scenario we're -- utilized could be struts and airbags to -- car that is trapped underneath the trailer known as -- -- under ride. What we have is a lifting operation we have. -- towers that on the frame rails with high pressure looking bad. As we lift with the bags will also be living off -- the ICC bumper which is not damaged in stable as well as being. Well -- directly to the frame. Forward next to the vehicle we have -- that are in place. That'll also help -- the load as we raised the back into the trailer. To gain space to extricate and free victims that are trapped in the front of the car. -- -- -- -- -- -- As you can see as the trailer races. -- capturing. The weight on the bumper. With wedges so we always have firm. Points of contact. As the box -- Is big titans were also adjusting the -- To ensure there were capturing -- -- -- -- At this point we've maximized. The lifting capability of our air bags. We're gonna capture live with a box -- insure that our structure tight. Let the air out of the bags build up our air bags on the box craving and re start the lifting operation. -- -- -- Head down and -- You'll notice every time working in or around heavy load. We're always only on one knee this allows the rescuers to escape quickly -- the area. In the event of an untimely shift or failure of the bag. Good thing. -- -- -- It's important to point out that we have three. Pieces of curbing per row -- -- the point of contact for the center of the bag is always gonna have positive contact which will be the center. Piece of -- Rescuers should always practice good techniques by never putting their hands between the box -- And the actual load. A. Right. Yeah. Now we've reset -- air -- again we want to point out that the same action that we see on this side of the truck. Is also happening on the other sides were running two bags one on each frame -- that is why we have a red line going to one bag. And a blue line going the other bag. In addition we also have another strike on the backside of the trailer. About red -- blue. As -- did -- operation it's critical to have more than one safety officer. On either side of the object that you're lifting. To ensure that there's any problem untimely load ships. Stuff I read -- Ben couldn't. -- -- Now the lifting operation is complete we've stabilized the back of the trailer with a box screaming at the back bumper. We've locked and supported our struts that are still in place. That is allowed us to achieve twelve to sixteen inches of more room to do extra occasion it. Especially if we have to manipulate the -- from the lower leg and -- Another key item to point out. Is that we still -- the other end of this very large large object known as the trailer. We had the dollar wheels the dollar -- -- and down position however if they're damaged. From the accident that we had to supplement with more bucks tripping or struts. If you wanna gain space we can box -- up to the -- and then crank them down. That allows the whole unit to be stable while we work under it to do next vacation. Packaging and removing the victim. I'm Steve White thanks for watching this segment trading -- wanna -- macho.

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