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On Scene: Tulsa School Fire

Thu, 6 Sep 2012|

Fire Engineering Editor-in-Chief Bobby Halton at the scene of a school fire that injured a number of Tulsa (OK) firefighters.



-- -- volley all the fire engineering and we're here in Tulsa Oklahoma and out the door right now out of it onto the scene of a school fire it was a science and arts building that had a massive fire at 4 o'clock this morning. And during this fire. There was. Three explosions -- one of those explosions resulted in some dynamic fire behavior that's being analyzed right now. It almost looks like three successive flash overs in a row. But almost like a back -- and sustained burning. Pretty dynamic footage we're we're hopefully be able bring -- -- in this newscast here this morning if not. It's CBS piece of footage movie thought what they're good friends over there and trying to get rights to use that piece of what did you pick up this morning. There were firefighters inside of time of this explosions. And they are okay. We know at this point six of them have been treated and released to morsel the hospital. With the second degree burns and -- our thoughts and prayers we have great interview what we'll get you with their chief CIO. We got some fantastic footage this is an important fire this is school there's thousands of these all across America. They've been remodeled this particular far had a rain moves. Pretty interest and fire dynamics resulted from that. We need to be thinking not only the modern lightweight construction but of the old problems we have we now have the greatest -- of architecture and and fire dynamics. That we've ever seen in the history of our service we have to be better than ever making great decisions we have to -- Federer never trying to read the fire and we have to be better than ever. In controlling our impulses to act first without thinking. Let's go take a look at what's happening out there right now on seventeenth and -- in Tulsa Oklahoma. Morning of September 5 throughout here it's also -- -- CIA officer -- fire from 4 o'clock this morning -- responded to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We were -- on. Over in the -- -- -- -- You know. That was -- sort of -- model going on here are some things. Early reports about. Real real -- series -- it -- a look at you can -- -- firewalls. But probably over the years -- open this thing -- -- down a lot of remodeling. So the metal has -- like a brave. Like most common practice they didn't remove the old. Firefighters and 1 -- right. Came by earlier we want to -- Was going hard for. Four hours. Inside -- bill. -- -- -- -- To come home to. Reveals details about the fire when -- They've got going there. I happen we'll -- the -- down here. They're not brush not those gas ignited and blown out windows. -- -- And they have a moment. It was still inside. Know how to -- And you know we talk so much about the new lightweight construction and all that. Forget that the legacy construction. Firefighters especially with the. We ball and. And what we. It's a great lesson. Thousand jobs. If you take away from. Job we'll talk -- -- about some lessons. What's also like she. -- -- -- -- Really got other bigger. Networks to deal with we'll get the subsidy. Training -- So what we saw here. There's a lot you. And we've -- them. That a lot of -- sports. A lot of our coastal require that. If you think about it we -- following the we're not going to. We're still going would. Designed back. Great job great job rentals. Obama all fired. Well I hope you enjoyed that short piece of video there's hundreds of lessons to learn from -- fire. We did have a chance to speak with chief -- would citizenship operations. Of these -- apart firms agreed to work with us on their after action report we will be -- that. At FDIC if it's ready by 2013. We'll bring it to you -- but definitely by 2014. As well as a detailed report on this particular fire. As a bonus we got to talk with our good friends from the ATF. And -- -- from the ATF there who have told us that they're national response council -- response teams coming in. We'll be meeting with them on Friday to get some preliminary. Assessments from them -- that we work with them and subsequent weeks and months try to bring you more information about this. Incredibly important -- fire. -- the fire that every -- apartment Americans pay attention to we said in the opening about how these fires -- every community in America today. It couldn't be more true. There's not one of these buildings and most communities -- 34 maybe 45 doesn't. So thank you very much for paying attention we will be bringing -- follow on this very important fire and thanks for tune -- to fire engineering and remember please be careful out there.

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