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Inside Darley - September 2012

Thu, 6 Sep 2012|



I am -- -- -- for tuning in or September issue of inside currently. -- -- hopefully your -- -- -- national disaster preparedness month so hopefully you your family your company your fire department or organization or. Really getting ready and in looking ahead in preparing for disasters you never know when they're going to happen. There's a great government website out there ready to go and urgent -- on -- spend a little time and you know look at their what they've got that website everything from search -- vacation classes in your area check lists on how to prepare for certain disasters. We even encourage you to registers part of the 2012 coalition for office and as we've been reporting here and inside -- -- natural disasters are on the rise here in America and around the world and they're not going away in fact this year alone to the end of August there over six million acres of wildfires burned across America over two million acres in July alone the fact the National Weather Service is calling this new. You know drop conditions and high heat conditions -- record heat across America really the new normal so it's probably only continuing to get worse and in fact. Most of the publications when there's news radio newspapers and weekly magazines have picked up on this and and the national disaster preparedness and and it's getting a lot of attention so much so that the USA today ran a very special supplement their August 24 issue. We've actually attached to copy that supplement for you it's disaster relief and emergency preparedness and -- -- actually been taken half page -- in that magazine and it's the first time that we as a company of ever gone to the masses national publications in order to outside of the fire defense markets and solve our core businesses. To really go and try to the system -- in the response has just been incredible. Are number of hits on Homeland Security equipment dot com and water purification systems dot com has really been amazing and where it's great to know that we're helping all part of this national disaster preparedness month effort so. It all the big part of that Q was our emergency water purification systems -- we've been investing a lot of time and money we just brought on full time -- new business. Development manager Kevin -- is just joined us. Kevin working very closely with -- water purification -- to make sure -- -- Bringing our water purification initiatives forward you different NGOs the governments and other causes around the world is spent some time with -- action Asia. And we encourage you to download a copy -- this many catalog and water purification products. You know the last article that we would -- for you is an article from Forbes magazine -- -- on the 8020 rule that your Michaels from the mine -- man action. Can't see the name were fairly business year -- -- a catchy title but in any event 8020 really talks about. -- in a business or company or even your home you probably apply the 8020 rule -- don't even realize it. From a business standpoint it says that 20% of your customers probably are producing 80% of your revenues 80% of -- profits. You're probably shelling of your product portfolio 20% of that portfolio makes up 80% -- your revenues. It applies to just about everything that you Jews from in close -- you were in your closet to the type of employees who you have on board and things of that nature so. Ellen like tool works ITW -- -- done a great job adopting this principle for the last thirty years. And -- early we've really embraced it for the last two or three years naturally guiding principle. And so while we have a really wide net out there and everything from drones to water purification Homeland Security equipment. We are also making a very conscious effort to make sure that we're focused in on our best customers it's probably the customers were listening to this video to make sure that. We understand the contributions that you make and how important to our partnership is togethers so we're gonna continue to -- you know take care of you relentlessly and make sure that there -- We're focused on you our best customers. -- take it for so much for tuning into this issue of inside early if there's anything we can be doing to recession and help you reach out to us.

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