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Tulsa School FIre: Tulsa PIO Interview

Thu, 13 Sep 2012|

Chief Bobby Halton talks to Tulsa (OK) Fire Department Captain Stan May about the September 2012 fire that injured several firefighters.



We're here as -- And from school where it falls apart -- responded last Wednesday to an incredible -- on fire. It involved two simultaneous -- us. Explosions spectacular. Very -- -- CBS affiliate. On and on and shared the tape we're here today with cab stand maybe CIO for the -- -- -- department. He's gonna get us an update on what's going on the investigation. Was you're doing investigation. Have told our players doing today so Kevin appreciate you taking time through this. -- what's going on today and then this thing going on for you for a -- now you've got to be tired where we have right now. Well. We repressed -- the ATF national response team and they come -- they've been working with our guys. And they're about to wrap beyond tonight -- bad condition and evidence collection. We hope to be -- later this afternoon and maybe maybe tomorrow morning and at that point they'll start. Putting all their information together and hopefully we'll have a determination in -- three day. Now what's what's going on -- in New York your jobs he coyotes for the fire engineering folks trainers and most of our guys are videos as well. You're involved in a major event here for many. Injured -- well actually in a statement -- but what was Susan. -- your life. In this last it's been pretty much nonstop were. And you have to. -- The rules of the investigation can't compromise investigation we can't compromise -- -- along. That the public still has a right to know a lot of useful for weeks it's kind of been juggling act. It's a great story and thank you for getting us for the -- -- the first -- -- on. Initial response fascinating young guy out right -- I -- -- and I. Great job can you give us an update on the men who were injured -- The eight we've got 67 that are now outpatient clinic -- We still had two in the hospital. We'll probably know more about their course of treatment tomorrow we should you give an estimate on how long they'll actually be in the -- I think it's important we keep telling people GAAP -- The -- did not fail here did what was supposed to do they were just the environment -- surpassed computer's ability. -- -- -- Like you said that once -- a lifetime and to get caught and stuff like that there's no way to where. Please -- it did its job. There's a lot of speculation going on in the online community initially about to -- stuff -- -- They haven't gone nowhere to properly fit properly they just got caught and Harmon students. We have ramped up our training over the last three or four years. We don't take -- day I -- -- weekends. Pretty much on. We have learned a lot. Made a training. How to work work properly we had a couple close calls over the last few years and what we've learned save these guys -- And you had a routine -- up here on that initial response that standard protocol for Tulsa fire -- that's. And that paid off as one of the men need assistance getting out they were right there. I think there's a lot of discussion and -- Simpson about the necessity -- need from. And I think it's a mistake because. I think it is good staffing beyond their concept goes on the -- to replace the team's mind. -- you want that indicated -- because you have to go and packaging is someone out that's the team set up. That's the guys you want. -- -- -- -- -- -- The same time -- the last. -- -- we -- another incident and if it wasn't for the -- team being they're ready to go. We've been hard to get it and that was a firefighter whose had a mask yeah. SE VA issue right went down and yeah Christmas -- we had to revive him and in the front -- seriously. I'd be in there now. -- -- anymore he's fine and recently he's returned to work yet he's back -- back -- Everything else we -- strawberry fields. Going as -- Yeah -- it's just a long process when you start. Investigating them and inside you'll be able to do that the IO class courses this year. We'll have done is learn have gotten you have learned the US in the last days. Folks out there might not know that the cavs -- on the spot throughout the last two weeks all -- -- several wild land fires. That was piano -- and now this fires we've been without sleep for about three weeks and yeah it's been an interesting. It. After the department -- backup piano well you know there's. If at least yet if somebody indicated kind of help out something this big it's not -- Not -- one person yeah there's no way to handle. Person. Camera angles and wishing to resume his appreciation. On mobile homes -- standings -- -- Remember be careful.

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