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When and Where to VES

Tue, 6 Nov 2012|

Dave Decker discusses the situations that would lead firefighters to employ vent-enter-search and the best locations for doing so.



Welcome the fire engineering stream minutes my name's -- Decker today we're going to continue our discussion on been under search. Let's talk about win and where to -- yes. First let's talk about when we're going to form the gas. You may get a report of entrapment on the initial dispatch. Or when you get -- the residents there might be bystanders out front that tell you that there's somebody in -- bedroom. We need to focus on the areas of highest probability of life hazard. Meaning we need to focus on the bedrooms. Also if the fire conditions allow we will perform -- yes. Let's talk about what we're going to form the gas most people think BS's only completed on the second floor -- residents. The DES can be completed. On a -- floor of the house there may be heavy fire conditions in front door that don't allow you access to the bedrooms. So we gain access through the bedroom window. To a potential victim. The more typical are commonplace to inform the -- Is on the second floor of a single family residence. We identify those windows that are bedrooms or wherever there's a high probability of victims we use -- point four foot extension -- to gain access to that area. Dad. Today we talked about when and where the gas in our next segment we'll show you ground floor benefits. -- -- -- -- --

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