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Ground Floor VES

Tue, 16 Oct 2012|

Dave Decker and his crew demonstrate various methods for gaining access to ground floor compartment to perform vent-enter-search (VES).



Welcome to fire -- -- -- minutes my name's Dave Decker table we'll continue our series on then and are in search. We're going to focus on ground floor of BS. This is better and that's been identified where there's a potential victim. Now let's watch our crew go to work. Or -- fires have identified that this bedroom window is the -- the potential victim is as they approach the window. Firefighter number one has the six foot closet -- he's going to take out the window. By -- one is going to ensure that the windows completely cleared out of glass screens blinds. What's -- completely cleared out then he's going to. Sweep the floor or. Look at the potential victims -- that he's going to sound it to ensure that safe for him to get on there. Once he -- that he's going to leave his classes but hanging from the window sill to the floor. Now he's going to go on there. There's three different methods of gain access the first way is to jump up on the windowsill and go head first down to the -- He. The second method of gaining entry into -- ground floor window was easier how Myanmar. What's setting the fortune the ground and losing -- the -- -- point into the words when you have a stable step and firefighters to gain entry to the window. Let's look at our firefighters use this -- Then the third method of gaining entry to a ground floor window is using the assistance of firefighter number two. Firefighter number two kneels down in front of the window firefighters number one steps on his or thigh and steps up into the window. It. In today's training we talked about ground floor of the yes taking out a window and gain entry into that. Next -- things -- talk about second. I'm Dave Becker thanks in Washington.

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