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Mayday: Basic Concepts

Tue, 6 Nov 2012|

In this free training program from the Firefighters Support Foundation, Eric Stroud of Fire and Rescue Concepts, LLC discusses firefighter self-survival and issuing the Mayday on the fireground.


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White made -- has changed -- been looked at over the past twenty years. Twenty years ago there. If a far part called -- Day he would be considered a Willis among his -- Now in today's environment we have a responsibility as far -- to stay safe and to go home every day. So if you're an environment that you need called May Day and you do not call a mayday you're being irresponsible to yourself Q curve into your family. The purpose of this course is to show you in awareness little train of column -- Day. -- we plan to do in this course is to go over. A few key points why he called my day when he called May Day who is culminating in what your responsibilities are. We're also will go over some key points of what to do how to train and prepare for me today -- keep in mind this is awareness level training and you need to take this further. After this course is complete. One of the most important rules to live -- when column made -- is. Never be afraid to column my day. Is there to call it and then to -- -- wind really did needed to hand. Actually wait too long to call it in -- already in a position where you can't get help. Remember you have a duty responsibility to your career. To life he saved could be your very own life but column -- Day. Our ultimate goal is to go home every day every night to our friends and family in our loved ones the bottom -- here is. Never be afraid called -- Day when you need. Now we'll look at who can call the mayday. Obviously the -- fired troll can't -- made it. We have a whole list of people with our -- that can call the -- and have a responsibility to column my day. -- commander as well he's -- appoint a safe shelter to oversee the whole safety operation of the program. Did you have here commander. Your crew just we see as well or team member of -- particular -- can culminating. Can anyone else on the far ground Weathers the -- operator. Weather's -- man that sees a situation where he deems necessary to called -- Day. While culminated. Studies have shown won the major leading causes of Barbara counties are -- -- or team members or company commanders who have become -- and disoriented. How -- become lost disoriented. From the moment he stepped away from -- -- is -- them only step away from you wrote. The -- what you lose track of your crew and you cannot see your exit in front -- you -- -- Waltz. Next formal look at. -- out of air mercies there are two reasons while we may have been out -- there air mercy. The first reason may be DG SE BA malfunctioned that you may -- -- supplied immediately. The second reason is firefighters stay inside too long and they run out mayor. We are training as far apart when we -- structure to pay attention to our regulator into our gates is a higher supply. To let us know how long -- we need to stay -- We're also told us firefighters that when we -- air supply of half -- tank. That we extra destruction immediately. How many firefighters. Will ignore the warnings of their low pressure -- -- off. The whole parts of the low pressure alarm is to let firefighters know that -- orient their reserve air supply and that they need to be found their way out. And I in his presentation. We're only talking about more about staying inside too long pushing the envelope. Daryn -- air emergency. Now remember -- look fresh alarm has been activated. You or either -- way out already or you need to try to find your way out. At this point if you're not -- your way out when you're low pressure -- going all. You need to think about store column my day having somebody on the way to meet you on your way out indication round here. While you're trying to exit the structure. Next points ability class whether the inside the structure outside the structure. You know we have building collapses Polycom and -- fight. The crew cash to be inside. Fight far in the Billick can come down around. -- point -- called -- day. For the Aussie or safety culture from the outside -- -- part of the building collapse or is getting -- to collapse. He pulled the crew out a call -- mayday call the crew to come out same thing with the big cruel -- the -- If there -- don't operate in advance. Stores to give way in the -- -- -- the source have collapsed and they are trouble they called day to have more additional resources to help them out as well. Not for building class many par parts become trapped all the many towns are part thinks they can get himself out of the situation. Whether Bob blew themselves. Or move in the debris around them. The members remember don't hesitate to called -- -- we could always have people inside come help you out -- needed. The next former -- look at is deterioration -- conditions but inside and outside of the structure. -- -- the structure. Date our crew on the inside may not see what's going -- and they may not be aware of far wrapped around behind -- or wrap around over her head into an age and condition. -- -- see the safety officer or anybody else in the -- ground can call a mayday or -- situation to get to corral. -- -- inside the structure could be the deterioration have. The -- has deteriorated so rapidly. That make calls firefighters to back out situation or get lost for trap or get away from -- house line they cannot escape as quickly. All the meeting comes. Our fight is definitely -- stressful our bodies. Now and they may not be a reason. Some might be lost this war in or out there mercy -- may actually did take dramatic situation it could be a class firefighter both inside and -- -- structure. Due to for -- medical condition at that time. If that happens please don't hesitate to call late day to -- -- or safety officer or even communications -- That he had been immersed in the -- ground and just need help immediately. National look at fear column -- day. Even in today's society. Firefighters still fear column made it would -- look at these points individually while far -- may be afraid culminated. Our next point retribution. Sometimes firefighters fear retribution the calls the airport decision allowed them to get into a made a situation. So the -- all the way because -- don't wanna be punished. It's better to be -- to go home at night -- not be punished and not go home at all. Often firefighters fear culminated -- -- they fear ridicule from their super Brothers and her -- Everybody's it team made a training so that -- does not happen. But don't allow yourself not -- -- -- because you fear being ridicule now remember just like before. Is there to come home to your crew and be ridiculed and not come home at all and not be ridiculed. Forget retribution. Forget being ridiculed make the decision -- -- late day and go home. -- the fear called -- is the calls firefighters Altima or overconfident. Was overconfident comes prod in denial. If you're at a point where your -- to decide that you can get out of the situation. And that you are killing yourself that you get out of this is already too late. He need to call the -- -- forgive being profitable for being big forget being overconfident. Gallo's situation history. Another reason while -- fathers. -- called -- is the calls lack of trying they're not exposed to what they don't understand terminology. -- don't understand responsibilities. And they really still have a clear picture of what goes home. Made a train scenario or made a situation on -- ground. After his presentation. He should be aware. One a -- is. And allow yourself to train on it more in depth so that you do -- fear called him calling me today. -- -- look at what happens after you called the -- -- of -- look at the firefighter. Was far -- responsibility after he called -- One of the first things that you need to do when your -- -- -- is from remember the -- community later. Will look at the acronym letter with a home break it down -- -- letter of the word virtual store with pale ale is a location in the column -- day. He had the location where you best description of where you think that you are inside the structure. Whether B division -- corner CA corner in a hallway or -- -- for second foray in the basement. Try your best to remember get a -- of your area and -- command knowing your location. That's a look at the letter you used to history unit -- you've given your location need to -- command you unit. A son. You know Osama -- -- command know -- a better idea of what location in that building you were -- today that's who look at letter in. In stands for your name which you give your location in your union also give your name. For example far far -- that will allow the -- ground operations with a B dossier safety officer or commander. Your location. Better understanding of it and your possible summit at that given town before the -- it was called. National look at letter -- a stance for air supply whether -- yourself your partner or -- in the column my day be sure you update the status of the heiress plot to command. Next -- gets letter or our stance for resources. When you're letting command those -- testing situation. Tried to give feel better understanding what type of race which is that you may need with a -- and actress TBA factory packed. Hose line whatever the situation. May deem -- -- what type equipment that's mainly. Another acronym -- does not cover of wire -- -- So be sure you remember when you're giving your descriptions of -- thing to -- dousing those wider column my day. Our -- look at the -- the commander. After a mayday is called. What do you do does the incident commander when you hear -- -- mean the call for help. One of the first things you need to do is remember your department's SAG's. -- -- -- -- standard operating guidelines. If you do you know I have an SEG four made a procedure. You need to sit down with your staff and developed and -- a procedure for your SATs. When Cassie here's a mayday he needs this year -- all traffic not associated with -- -- these these twisters to a different channel. But -- that it will allow less confusion in allow clear communication between -- and -- call for help. That may seem obvious. But you'll be surprised how many communications with somebody calls a late day everybody -- at all all it wants to retain his -- to communicate. The first column made a -- communicate -- trying to communicate everybody's got something to say. But the one person's -- the hill cannot -- -- point crossing cannot get to radio traffic. Apple to open air. Once already traffic has been established and has been switched over to a different channel the -- -- occult -- Porsche stands for personal accountability report by doing this he get a better location where all the crews or. And see whose account for and who's not account for. At that time. Now remember -- for our ground operation. A personnel accountability report -- be given roughly about every 1520 minutes. To that way ever by ensures a safety in the locations of occurs. Now remember -- that is being given the Osce must maintain radio control. One thing you do not -- there -- is freelance -- traffic. I -- freelance radio traffic may. Hinder the ability of the rescue team in the Osce to locate the -- our father. Now when -- -- is maintaining greater control and ready to discipline. In the made -- has been called. Be sure that -- is enough -- for the -- far far to answer his question on the radio. But -- is this will alleviate. Or the problems that. People have your radio communications summary towns in the past the -- Has talked to -- -- fighter and I give him enough time to answer questions but -- at the -- for being overly excited. When that comes given he had to firefighter -- -- top to speak his needs. Now there in a -- chassis -- remember to stay calm on the radio. But Dolan is desist told for everybody else that could hear him -- radio traffic. You know allow the firefighters and -- everybody else to work out nicely pace and not be overly excited. Forever. Don't let the problem rattle you. Remember your train and stay -- on the radio. -- have a positive outcome. Now -- the mayor has been called and wants to Osce has the last known location or -- current location of the -- firefighter. Does win his decision is to deploy the rapid innovation team -- -- But also it allowed the team to quickly. Get to the location of the Dow firefighter and to have a successful education of the them are far. Accurate team has been employed -- call for additional resources call for additional long arms call for more companies account to ground our ground. But also you have the amount people there it that you need is better to have they would not need them into neat deal and not have them. Now after -- has been called -- far hotter the -- think you can do to help yourself at stake com. Or -- problem -- at the problem working and also Trotter manner remember any relevant training has had to pass that -- made contact with the -- He may decide to use self risky technique to get yourself out of the situation. If immediate -- he is unavailable. That if he uses self risky technique. You may want to coordinate this with the Osce said they did not seen in resources. In acting in one area to structure. When gesture may be in other -- -- tried to escape. Our -- look at the techniques. Rescue operations. -- made it. You get to auctions as a -- our fire either wait for help way for the retain. Or to a -- self rescue techniques to get yourself out of your own. If you -- your career as a -- the -- for help. Be sure you try to get yourself into a safe location. Out of harm's way relay that location to the -- and try to let them there give my best accurate picture where -- address of the structure. Once -- happen. Second thing you need to do is activate your past -- activate it passed by this can create allows sound of the -- other far apart in sub structure. Or the -- team come -- insisting. To find you in your location. -- what you can do is take your flashlight -- a flashlight on. Had to being face and force assailant opened up against the wall but don't want this it would create a silhouette of -- through the smoke to allow firefighters to put to -- to be able to find you. Now flashlights you can actually get. Different types of manufacturers will flashlights. Some flashlights have -- straight been some -- let's have a flashing me. And I found out that -- and being flashlights were actually attract attention greater. Have the flashlight pointed it had that being -- intermittently vs just one -- thing. The next hopefully you need you or your crew has some type -- hand tools and side with you. -- you can use your hand tools to create sound Bob -- for a bank and on the wall. To allow firefighters to get a better location or better understanding where you're at some structures that they may be able to come to -- you. Now lastly. You want to be sure to conserve your supply. If you go wait for a team become a foggy there's no given top columns won't take them come and -- -- So you -- to do some type of breeding techniques to allow yourself to. Maintained -- -- flop weather be shallow breaths or -- breathing. -- they -- you always remember to maintain radio contact with the Osce. You update the status of your location air supply and possibly injuries your team members involved until some -- five. Our -- look at risking yourself or -- retain. Now you and your team may not be able to shelter in place and wait for -- so -- a look at some techniques that may allow you need to be able to escape -- to. Deterioration of -- conditions essence. -- and of the building. Or an out there mercy that may -- party to be immediately evacuate. The structure. Now when he has decided to rescue yourself and your team. The first thing you need to do is that you need be prepared to escape that -- in. The best way to prepare for is to train for. We'll talk about the training. Ford Escape here in just a few more -- Now secondly win prepare yourself -- rescue self rescue. -- a situation you need to familiarize yourself with the tools that you may need. With the air -- -- -- is a rip package may -- already have with you. Your hand tools which may have the capabilities what does -- does -- today and also search rope and -- filters of this as well. They may have these tools on -- truck or in your -- cash right now. But what you need to do is take the tools. If you train with them for potential -- -- -- as soon as you may have a better understanding how -- -- can help you there in a -- Day. There for the next -- look at some examples of why you may need to rescue yourself out. Made a situation. First off is how they're mercy. If you run out of air find yourself running out of air one thing you can use -- he's a buddy retirees to give themselves more air. You can use reporters but he really hosed off his air pack if he has one hook it to your regulator and allow yourself to share your air supply. About the -- say he greatly risk. Both you now running out of air instead of just one person. That's wrong look at another tool that you can use -- -- mercy or -- filter these filters orders not to be worn on your way -- -- the air pack. And to have -- protective case and when you needed I have to do pop up the case. Take the filter out the rapper is looking to you where your your face -- -- regular used to be. And it filters or designed to keep -- fifteen minutes of filtered a year and smoke filled environment. Now another potential environment that make allergy to. -- your skate animated situation is that firefighters trapped in -- room. And you can use your hand tools -- we're CBA. To help beyond the situation. You know if you find yourself in a room that you're lost and can't find your way out and you haven't pinned in -- -- that are coming down on you. He may need to breach the wall to escape to another room but also you can take SE BA take you borrow. -- a wallop in the -- does or your hand tools allow yourself to escape safety. Now another risky technique as you can -- for yourself or retain. This -- latter bail out but have an outside crude prices tip of the latter have to win this -- -- allows you an area to escape -- that a floor. He's gonna hit first up the ladder and grab yourself hold their rounds in -- -- of breaks to life still to escape the harmful Barbara. Or -- fire conditions. In that area. Another tool that you can use you've typically got one of these two next tools with you with a B host club or -- Some search crews -- broke -- -- going into the building to -- searching for victims and or the firefighters. As a means. To this gate and some type -- -- mercy by the B a mayday or some other situation that you need to get out -- tracing your stats for the road. They get themselves right out to the point of entry that -- had. Secondly you have a hose line. Typically win an environment where apology to escape in -- -- -- host club. Lot far dropping those -- -- where their arrest and that would do an about face and follow hose on the way out. Now there is a trick on the -- Islamic you can use this column will -- called smooth bump bump to the pomp. But the female in the proposed is a smooth shank with -- -- coupling. On the -- you know the he had just done a coupling. If you feel yourself to this Boucher first to the to go to coupling is you -- in the direction towards upon. That is toward direction of the way out of the house if you find yourself in the reverse situation -- -- that a couple -- first and in this change. -- you're going back yourself towards the far. Now another to -- far -- use. Or -- -- like -- -- these are typically -- bags and he has and to -- control devices and saddleback at Baghdad's very similar to this -- This is on the goal in your place built or your -- is to make here with C. And in times we need to escape this environment you don't have a latter -- have -- search for any don't have homes. He may -- type of anchor inside that room. Hook up your wrote back to it. And stand out the windows and allow yourself to actually lower yourself down to win this hill into a safe environment whether it be outside to a net. Or into potentially wonderful -- into another room. So there are numerous manufacturers of these broad daylight kids that this is -- something that you need to being. Some type of training and use before you were to just blossom and to mourn your -- on your SE -- so -- -- Some manufacturers won't even -- you buying. -- -- you've gone to their specific training school for. Right bail -- procedures. Of their mandate training the best way to prepare for mayday is a train for. Now remember -- said -- this if it can happen it will happen. Who want prepare you -- prepare your body. And preparing here for potential -- a situation to do you have a successful outcome. Now prepared your ma is a key subject. When you deal with made a train and to prepare for me today. Now they don't -- this is a key to -- involved. Now if you allow yourself to be overcome with stress in a stressful environment. Without even realizing you've allowed your body to increase is reparations. -- creature restorations -- more oxygen. And use more oxygen -- of the air supply in the SE BA. But training yourself to handle. -- yourself in a stressful environment. You can train your mind to be -- to relax in these stressful times to say don't you so much attitude. Now I'm preparing -- month. When you look at these slot right here you see two examples of how different types of training. Can't prepare your mind into values so to become accustomed to the types of stressful -- -- you may have. The more we experienced stress in training the -- we are affected but in a real situation. National look at -- -- body busting -- physically fit it can help us conserve our supply. Our muscles. The pop the piano oxygen. For strength to better shape we are with our muscles the less -- -- two is needed. That's a look at prepared here. By -- -- crew and yourself to do daily weekly and monthly checks we'll help you insure that you PP. Is in proper working conditions. Something though he can do to help you prepare your gear and for yourself for made a situation. Is -- -- for equipment failure. And to also to know your gear inside -- out to be able to disassembled and reassemble it. In -- hazardous environment in a dark filled environment to where you actually cannot see the things that your testing. A part of our initial training -- firefighters were worse far out of our servers we trained to disassembled reassembled RS EBA's. What team typically tends to happen is win a firefighter has some experience and some years owning every -- they get complacent. They filter trained and filter re at acquaint themselves with the working parts of an issue via. Now looking back looking back on this -- Well when you really need to take away from this that. This particular trend that we're going for you does is. Awareness level training. He need to keep all the training after just don't let -- -- don't train -- you have. The best way to help prepare for is a trained force often as possible. In that review -- SAG's. Review your equipment. You put yourself in to train situations. In there that -- call -- To think outside the box and -- -- about the harmful bar you know. The best thing he thinks he can do in a stressful environment is a stay calm and stay calm collected or -- teammates were we incurred. And itself out a powerful bar. That the ultimate -- -- -- end this is again everybody aware of made -- engaging. -- equated with culminated in don't be afraid to call it. The only word out what -- else is going thing when it comes right down to -- this is your life and you only get one chance -- it. To the best thing that we want to do is this is -- provides us they say. And remember your train and to keep trying don't let this stop here.

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