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Second-Floor VES

Tue, 13 Nov 2012|

Dave Decker and his crew explain and demonstrate various concerns and methods used when performing vent-enter-search on the second floor of a residence.



Welcome to fire engineering -- minutes my name's Dave -- Last month we talked about ground floor BS. Today won't talk about second floor of the -- now let's watch a firefighters execute this skill. So we're firefighters have identified that the second floor window is the room they're going to be yes. We've got the 24 foot extension -- Italian bar the closet -- in the thermal camera. They're utilizing to be raised to raise the 24 foot -- Dad. As you see. Breaking these window with the tips of the latter. That is the -- portion of them -- there. Once they get the window broken -- then they set the latter at a rescue angle with the -- of the latter at the windowsill. The reason we sat and had a rescue angle is -- for firefighter bailout or -- victim removal. You -- -- firefighter number two is hanging the Italian bar and the closet. As far up on the latter's he can. While -- number two is hanging closet -- and how -- bar on the latter. Firefighter number one is gearing preparing to go up the ladder to clear the window. After firefighters number two hangs Italian and the closet and he comes over and he gets geared. Firefighter number two does not go on -- At this point firefighter number one will not go on -- -- only go on air once he enters the window. Firefighter number one will then -- to latter he will make his way up the latter. The -- how Augen bar and placed it at the top rung. Then you'll grab the closet and that's what he would use to clear the -- allow in the meantime -- number two is at the base of the latter in position to go. Yeah and it's very important clearly window completely evolved glass window frame lines -- If you want the free flow -- ventilation and we want a clear -- case we need to exit. From inside the room. There are firefighters had taken out the window and they've cleared the window completely. -- -- we want to talk about his window entry. When I get to the top latter the first thing -- -- wants to. Do since we were victim. The -- first. Once we swing we ensure there -- no -- then we're going down the full power. To make sure that the -- can hold our way. That point I'm going to -- the closet -- from the window -- to the floor that's going to be a reference point for me when answers from the room. Grab my how can tool to search went. And there's two ways that I can make entry into the window. The first method would be head first -- stay low in the window. Now I'm going to -- in headfirst into the bit. And then on Wednesday alone look. Random and the second method of entering your window is the -- -- That's right grab on to the top -- -- And I swing my leg in your -- and straddling the windowsill. I also have a hole in the top rung in the ladder that way I can get right back out quickly if conditions go bad. Width and the hold of that run now I can stick my head in the windows when my father -- and in Hamlin dropped the last directly to the ground. Once I'm on the ground on one look underneath the smoke and looking for a victim and looking for the bedroom door and I'm looking for a way out of the room. In today's segment we talked about -- placement. Throwing the latter clearing the window and window entry. Next month we'll talk about -- Thanks -- -- train today again.

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