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Advanced Extrication: Roof Removal

Tue, 27 Nov 2012|

Steve White and crew demonstrate two roof removal scenarios: one with a truck tipped over on its side and another where the cab's roof is crushed in, trapping the victim. Sponsored by Holmatro.



Welcome the fire engineering famous. Names people like you know -- -- with the pictures fire department. In this segment we're gonna go over -- -- The first group for -- scenario will be with the truck. On its side. With the -- stabilized we're gonna remove the glass. We're dealing with laminated windshield. Held in place by -- -- By removing the keeper ring. Inside the center of the -- We can take out that lasts. All of one section. Not having to use a glass removal tool. Which means we don't have small shards of glass. Which is problematic for both the victim. And a rescue. Keep in -- we certainly would have the victim covered with -- -- -- -- -- As you can see that gives -- -- great deal of access. To the -- Now we're gonna gain access. To the back of the -- With the same method. Attacking the gasket. And attempting to remove that section of -- As all one solid -- Typically this is a little bit more challenging because the back glass is usually tempered not laminated like the windshield. Now with all the -- removed. We're going to attack in a post by utilizing the cutters. Again you can see where it's important to utilize the latter. To gain the high. Now we're gonna make a simple relief cut. In the roof to help facilitate. The roof -- -- Again the -- -- great option here because of the -- metal. At the top of the windshield. -- -- -- -- Now we're gonna start a window for. Okay. We utilized the -- all to come into the open area with a window began. Began to make -- cut up to what -- need to be post critical point. Collaborate on here is that we're gonna be using this -- reciprocating tool very important to make sure we know where the patient. So that we use the tool this logos and now we're not gonna come anywhere near that -- -- the patient does need to be covered with -- protection or may use our protection like a small pediatric -- For the next step in this evolution we're gonna have to remove this fiberglass faring no hitter cutters and complete them that -- -- So that we can do a complete. -- -- the fiberglass removed. We've got to clean shot -- guard cutters. To attack that people. -- To be -- -- we can move to the bottom of the cap to finish our back relief cut. And wrap up with a flat. At this point. We can either. Remove the roof completely. Operate around. Typically is that the patient will dictate -- In this segment. We're going to focus on the roof that's crushed down limiting this base -- actually trapping the driver. First -- gonna start. -- cutting a -- on either side of the capitol. -- -- a post cut. -- -- -- -- -- Off the top of the -- which is really getting its. Straight from the firewall below. Take up this intersection for -- long ball. Continue forward with our relief cuts. On the back. -- -- And the -- -- allowance to ensure that the damage group. Does not come in any further on our victim. Or -- rescuers that's providing care to the -- With both relief cuts made. Now we can operate the rim again all -- the firewall or stable base. I'll provide us ample room to treat. Package and remove our victim. Now we have ample space. After these two scenarios you can see like this placing the -- We gain a lot of space the package and moving very. Thank you for watching fire engineering -- -- I'm Steve -- and thank you don't want to respond to turn.

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