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Milwaukee Method for Peaked-Roof Structures

Fri, 14 Dec 2012|

David Rickert and company demonstrate in real time using the Milwaukee Method for ventilating peaked-roof structures.



Welcome the fire engineering training minutes my name's David record with a -- fire department. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This will include a -- load out equipment necessary. And the -- positioning. While performing this operation. The main advantage of the document that over other method for ventilation. Is the utilization of a second flatter. Having the second or flatter enables all members to -- operating simultaneously. From the safety of over flat. Being able operate at the same time maximizes the efficiency of this operation. Now -- see -- real time let's go. -- audio equipment for the point of attack. First man to flee. The point man a second man up will be the middleman. And a third man at the swing man. -- the first -- members are raising me -- -- to that objective. But they're meant to be raising and reflect is getting ready to put an operation. Tip always use the longest -- -- first. This will ensure that you be able to gain access to the feet. -- -- entire operation at all members. We'll always be performing attacks. -- Manny didn't driving to a -- with a health. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And grab a -- we'll -- about it looks. Iran this letter to the -- And move it over into the cutting position. The middleman -- -- down for the -- reflect wait for the saw handoff. Then go to the feet. No man hands on the -- and and -- -- to reflect. The point man starts the -- makes this horizontal cut. He begins his vertical cut and -- his -- -- completed deal and a soft the second number. You'll begin to make his vertical cuts at this point. At this point the swing man in swing around why he's still making -- cut and gain access to the big earthquake can begin pulling the roof. With the point man. They'll pull -- all the way down. Satellite from the cut which should be about eight he this will yield up -- -- eight foot -- Hopefully this video has highlighted some of the advantages of utilizing and -- method of other methods of -- -- -- I'm David record and you've been watching --

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