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TFT Blitz Force

Thu, 3 Jan 2013|



The blitz forced. This task force tips innovative. Lightweight and -- -- tell portable type mind. Rated up to 500 GPM. The blitz -- integrates a two inch unobstructed -- lost waterway with a ball -- well. That includes a positive blocking content about control. Locking mechanism allows simple advancement or reposition of the unit. While -- line remains charged. In -- stream -- is standard and can be easily removed from maintenance. -- exclusive high strength integrated tie down strap is provided for easy attachment and improve stability. The unique -- design allows rapid rewind and compact storage. And -- immediately accessible. -- only fourteen and a quarter pounds and only nineteen inches long. The blitz forces high strength folding aluminum alloy legs provide -- Y 26 and stance when deployed. And include replaceable carbide tipped spikes and integrated nylon knee pads for maximum stability -- firefighting operations. With -- our rotation of twenty degrees either side of senator and an elevation of thirty to sixty degrees in an unmanned mode. For a low -- degree angle when -- the -- force provides amazing operational person. Two basic -- force packages are offered. One includes -- six -- it's 500 she's you know at a hundred PSI combination council. And the other they set up triple stacked chips -- laser engraved flow -- Each package include texting was still apparatus mounting bracket. Permanent laser engraved operational instructions. Reflective labeling and a unique products utilization. For additional information on the blitz forced portable monitor or any of the G force nozzles -- and force that we have seen that com. Or contact customer service at 800. -- -- 26 -- six.