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Towel System for Firefighter Rehab

Tue, 17 Jan 2012|

Fire Engineering EMS Editor Mike McEvoy describes a three-towel system for firefighter rehab.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [SOUND] Hi. Welcome to Training Minutes. Today we're going to talk about a wet towel system for a fire fighter rehab using three buckets filled with water, 20 towels, a bleach solution, and a measuring cup. To measure the bleach solution a one cup measuring cup. The buckets have an ice water solution in the first bucket that contains the wet towels, a rinse solution, and a bleach solution which we're going to use to recycle the towels after they're used by fire fighters. Right now we have ice in the ice bucket, this could be just water until ice is available. Ice in hotter temperatures makes the towels colder. And what you wanna do with the towels, before you give them to the firefighter, is wring the towel out. So that it's cold wet but not dripping with water before you give it to the firefighter. After the towel is used we're gonna put it through our recycling system. So let's look at setting that up. We have two buckets, three quarters of the way full with water. The first bucket we're gonna add a cup of bleach to the bucket. The solution needs to be a quarter cup of bleach. For each gallon of water. We have four gallons of water in a five gallon pail. So we'll put one cup of bleach into the first bucket. [SOUND] A towel that's then been used by a Fire Fighter. After it comes out of the bucket, and is going back through the recycling system, goes into the bleach solution, sits in the bleach solution for a minute. Wring the towel out to get the bleach off. Put it in through the rinse solution [SOUND] to get rid of any residual bleach, wring the towel out again and then into the ice solution. So this three bucket system, a container of bleach. A measuring cup of one cup, 20 towels, can be put together, kept on your rescue, kept on the ambulance, kept on an engine, any piece of apparatus that you have. Used for firefighter rehab, as we've written about in Fire Engineering Magazine. Equivalent to any of the commercial devices that you would use. For cooling fire flyers actively cooling on the fire ground. And once you're finished with the solution, one question might be what do you do with these different containers. The bleach solution needs to be dumped into a drain so that it's not contaminating the environment. The other two, the rinse. And the cooling solution can be dumped on the fire-ground. The 20 towels go back to your station, go into the wash, and a quarter cup of bleach with 20 towels will get the towels for use the next time that you need to do rehab. Those three buckets, the 20 towels, the bleach and the cup can be kept on any piece of apparatus that you have. And our excellent tools for cooling firefighters on the fire ground. Thanks for watching Training Minutes. I'm Mike McEvoy, EMS editor for Fire Engineering.

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