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Man vs. Machinery: It's Not Always Technical

Wed, 2 Jan 2013|

Technical rescue is not always technical. Pat Nichols and Mark Gregory demonstrate how to extricate a worker stuck in a piece of machinery.


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Welcome to -- engineering training -- more Gregory along with pat Nichols. Today's drill we like to discuss. Is technical rescue doesn't always have to be technical. He we have a worker is stuck in a piece of machinery could be farm equipment could be something in -- industrial setting. The bottom line is we get cold we need to get him at the situation. Coming in of course -- safety we have to think about lock out tag that is the machine -- Is it locked out if it tagged out. Now how we -- remove victims armed with machine. You today's top -- -- -- what a -- might not be a viable option via Butler works very well. Go back to the days of the ancient egyptians. He's using the basic crabbing in order to lift this obstacle -- the victims on in order -- of what -- already done on the opposite side here. He's loosen the bolts already on this side and we have put stand -- critic to hold the load that we have Kia. On this side here. -- actually get a -- -- These three -- While pats losing them I wanna get my crew being into place yeah. Thinking outside the box what we Dade realizing that we are caught a tight on space here and it could be a couple for the victim if we put expanded -- wedge in. What we had done with had one about wages actually cut down. -- So right now my wages. If that once there's a shift the load which -- will be because pat is loosening up the -- Once this shift the load my wedges are gonna take the load that we we Oprah have any further injury twelve victim. We're all set that pat. -- You could see right there. Already we've had movement on the drums. -- a little more. And -- victims on -- now for -- she can see here -- She's she's in standing wedges there's no hydraulic tools involved no -- we were able to form a successful rescue. Sometimes you have to think outside the box you have to think what you have on your rescue vehicle. And say will work an operation like this the only way you -- -- of tools like this work is by -- We'd like to thank you for watching fire engineering training and it's funny -- Gregory this time it.

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