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Firefighters Exit Easy During Emergency - IMMI

Thu, 2 May 2013|

Firefighters Exit Easy During Emergency - IMMI



[SOUND] [MUSIC] The city of Peoria is roughly 50 square miles, serving 115,000 people. Peoria Fire Department has, 186 firefighters operating out of 12 stations. Central House is one of the busier houses here, they may run up to, 18 alarms a day. We, we can't predict how many calls we'll have a day. That's part of the excitement of our job. You never know how many runs you'll have a day. We require our members to respond within one minute. Turn out, be out the door. When that toner goes off, that means that someone needs our help. [MUSIC] Now the Pier Fire Department responds to over 16,000 calls a year, we're very busy and we like our firemen to be out the door on the scene as quick as possible. We don't like things that delay us. We try to get to the citizens of [UNKNOWN] within four minutes of every call. It's very important for our firefighters to enter a fire truck, exit a fire truck, get out safely, because seconds count in fires. In order to release this. Air pack. You have to lift the lever here which will release the back of the brackets from the air pact. And in order to put the pack in you actually to physically close the bracket around the pack. [NOISE] After coming back from FDIC 2/08. We had a demo unit of a Smart Dock. And with a Smart Dock it takes all the thinking, all the mechanical work out of the process of exiting the fire truck. A Smart Dock system is a quick and safe mechanism to secure and extract. Into a seat. it, it's rated to, to hold the air pack in case there's, the vehicle's in, involved in an accident. And this system's a lot better because [SOUND] what we can do is [SOUND] all, all we do is pull the air pack out. And when we get out of the seat, all we do is get out and the air pack comes with us. We don't have to pull a lever. To get the air pack out, cuz, when we look at a situation, you know, seconds make the difference, if we're sitting and fumbling with trying to get out of an air, out of the seat, with the air pack, you know, that's gonna, our mind's gonna go to that and we're gonna forget the job that we're going to do. [MUSIC] Since we started going to our smart dock we've had less complaints from the firefighters. And, it's definitely less hassle for them. The firefighters, they have a lot on their mind, a lot of decisions to be made. And if we can get 'em to the scene and they don't have to worry about how they're going to be released from their SCVA bracket, we've, achieved our goal. Our mechanics have installed a retrofitted smart dock in numerous of our fire companies and time-wise it's ten minutes or less to change them out. Which helps me and our mechanics, the downtime that they have from working on a fire apparatus. It's a very simple insulation. My whole theory with the SmartDoc is it's kinda like, why would you buy a manual transmission fire truck, when you can get automatic. Why would you buy an SEDA bracket. That's manual and it takes something physical to do when you could just lean forward and step out of the bracket. [MUSIC]

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