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Firefighters Exit Easy During Emergency - IMMI

Thu, 2 May 2013|

Firefighters Exit Easy During Emergency - IMMI


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City furious replace fifty square miles. -- -- -- -- 150000. People. Here -- apartment as a 186. Firefighters operating at a twelve stations. -- trust is one of the busier houses here are. They may run up to eighteen alarms that -- we we can't predict I'm Nicole we'll have a date that's part -- of -- job. We're required our members to respond within one minute. -- I'll be out the door on that form goes off. -- meet someone needs our help. Out of your -- problems. Over 60000 -- here. We're very busy and we like our firemen -- be out there were on the scene as quick as possible we don't like think that the -- We try to get to the citizens period. -- minutes of every -- very important for firefighters to. After a fire truck -- to the fire truck it out safely. Seconds after fire. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After coming back from the -- to 08. We had a demo unit of a Smart. In with the Smart dock. It takes all the thinking all the mechanical work out of the process of exiting the fire truck. Smart Iraq systems and adequate. Mechanisms this -- check and see. It's radiant it. Hacking cases vehicles involved and acts in the -- a lot better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When we get antsy. It out here this whole letter. -- -- year after. -- when we look at the situation in seconds to make ends. If -- in fumbling with trying to get out of here this week. Whether. You know that's gonna aren't in the event. -- -- -- -- Since we started going to -- mark -- we've had less complaints. From firefighters. And now it's definitely less hassle for them the firefighters they have a lot on the line a lot of decisions to be made. And if we can not get him to the scene and I don't have to worry about how -- could be released from their SE PA bracket we've she struggled. Our mechanics had installed and retrofitted. A Smart -- Numerous of our fire companies and now time wise it's ten minutes or less -- -- them out. Which helps me in our mechanics. The down time that they have from working on the fire apparatus. Very simple installation. My whole theory with the Smart is this kind of like why would you buy it manual transmission. Fire truck when you get automatic. Why wouldn't -- SCE -- bracket. That's Emanuel takes. Some physical do when the system. -- -- -- -- -- --

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