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PAC showroom 4-24-13

Mon, 29 Apr 2013|

PAC showroom 4-24-13



Welcome to the classroom at the Performance Advantage Company. All of PAC's products are designed for safety and durability. All of PAC's products have a life time warranty. [BLANK_AUDIO] The Performance Advantage Company offers tool mounting solutions to a variety of industries including law enforcement, fire. Military, EMS, commercial, and many more. If you have a need to hold tools securely and safely we have a solution for you. [BLANK_AUDIO] Pack offers many different brackets, custom tool boards, swing outs, slides, and more. Visit our website to see the full line of our products and what they can do for you. [BLANK_AUDIO] Many of our products meet or exceed government shock tests, and NFPA 1901. We can train on site or remotely with video conferencing. Contact the Performance Advantage company today for more information on how we can assist you in your tool learning needs. [BLANK_AUDIO]