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Tencate Emergency Response Video

Thu, 1 Aug 2013|

Tencate Emergency Response Video



[SOUND] Tencate Protected Fabrics USA is then largest supplier of inherently flame resistant fabric in the world. Using extensive research and testing to provide state of the art fabric solutions for emergency responders, including structural firefighters. Emergency medical services, technical rescue and wildland firefighters. [UNKNOWN] employees approximately 5,000 people worldwide, 1,400 in the United States, and sells millions of yards of protective fabrics each year. The production of fire service fabrics occurs here, in the United States. Tencate Protective Fabrics USA formerly Southern Mills was founded in 1925 and has set the standard in protecting firefighters for over 40 years. With over two dozen patents and an impressive list of first to market solutions such as dyed Nomex outer shell fabric, Tencate protective fabrics is the leader in innovation and breakthrough solution. For firefighting turnout gear. Expert fiber-blending technology helps Tencata protective fabrics offer an extensive line of outer shells, thermal barriers and reinforcements, bringing the best combination of performance features to a single fabric. Protection. Comfort, durability, and value. TenCate's outer shell fabric solutions offer the ultimate in protection and durability including thermal stability during and after exposure. And tear and abrasion resistance. TenCate protected fabrics currently owns seventy percent of the outer shell market. Tencate sells the most popular Kevlar Nomex outer shell fabric in the market. Tencate Advance. Additionally, Tencate protective fabrics is the only fabric manufacturer to offer a 5 year warranty on one of it's products. Millenia XT. TenCate thermal barriers offer the best solutions in thermal protection in heat-stress relief, while keeping the firefighters' comfort and moisture-management in mind. Manufacturing processes include: yarn-formation, weaving, non-wovens and dyeing and finishing operations. Having these operations in-house and localized means that TenCate can provide better and consistent quality, shorter lead times on deliveries, and continuity of product supply. Close relationships with supply chain partners, such as spinning operations and printers, also afford TenCate more flexibility in the manufacturing process. The corporate office, located in Union City, Georgia, is home to a state of the art of the lab and research facility that is UL and NFPA approved. Each of the four TenCate manufacturing plants in the United States is unique in its nature and type of function. But all share one common goal. Innovation. Whatever the protective fabric need, Tencate's expertise provides the best combination of outer shell and thermal barrier fabrics. All of which exceed all NFPA requirements. [MUSIC] This is why [INAUDIBLE] Protected Fabrics is the, global leader and undisputed expert, in flame resistant fabric solutions. That's why seven out of ten Firefighters wear, Tencate protective fabrics. [SOUND]