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Tencate Emergency Response Video

Thu, 1 Aug 2013|

Tencate Emergency Response Video


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-- have a protective fabric USA. Is the largest supplier of inherently flame resistant fabric in the world. Using extensive research and testing to provide -- the art fabric solutions for emergency responders. Including structural firefighters and Emergency Medical Services. Technical rescue. And wild land fire fighters. Didn't -- employs approximately 5000 people worldwide 14100. In the United States. And sells millions of yards of protective fabrics each year. The production of fire service fabrics occurs here in the United States. Tin -- -- protective fabric USA. Formally southern hills was founded -- 1925. And it set the standard in protecting fire fighters for over forty years. With over two dozen patents and -- impressive list of first to market solutions such as -- -- mix outer -- fabric. Can -- -- protective fabrics is the leader in innovation and breakthrough solutions for firefighting turned out here. Experts fiber blending technology helps -- top of the protective fabrics offering extensive line of hours ago. Thermal barriers and reinforced. Bringing the best combination of performance -- to a single battery. Protection. Durability and value. -- count as outer shell fabric solutions offer the ultimate in protection and your ability. Including thermal stability during and after exposure. And care immigration -- Didn't -- protective fabrics currently owns 70% of the outer shell mark. -- -- -- sells the most popular Kevlar no -- outer shell fabric in the market. And how -- advance. Additionally. Ten -- protective fabrics is the only fabric manufacturer to offer up five year warranty on one of its products. -- -- -- Tin cup -- thermal barriers offer the best solutions in thermal protection and he expressed relief. While keeping the fire fighters come and moisture management in -- Manufacturing processes include your information leading non -- and -- and dyeing and finishing operation. Having these operations in the house and localized means that tin -- that can ensure better and consistent quality. -- lead times on deliveries and continuity of product supply. Close relationship. Would supply chain partners such as spinning operations and printers also -- -- -- a more flexibility in the manufacturing process. The corporate office located in Union City Georgia his home to a stated the -- lab and research facility that he knew well and -- FPA approved. Each of the court can -- a manufacturing plants in the United States. He's unique in its nature. And type of function but all share one common goal. -- -- -- What -- their protective fabric mean. -- -- -- expertise provides the best combination of outer shell and thermal barrier back. All of which exceed all NFPA requires. This is why tin -- -- protective. Excuse these global leader and undisputed expert. That's 17. Out of ten fire. -- -- -- --

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