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Kochek Wrench Product Line - YouTub

Fri, 1 Nov 2013|

Kochek Wrench Product Line - YouTub


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You're worried your projects extensive lot of branches including everything from the smallest matters to our beast that -- you behind your ranch. But first let's talk about what makes a good marriage period. Obviously good -- does not use plastics and its construction. And we are sure to construct until -- aluminum and steel. The combination of these materials and an ironclad manufacturing process produces refined product and it's just we're -- look at today. When she should look good to the -- local -- and lynch as long as it does the job are long gone. When you consider that the trucker gonna milk and -- could be valued the million dollar mark I don't know vacuum it. I want my -- to be just as aesthetically pleasing is the truck itself. He doesn't know some beautiful trucks out there and we've done our job to -- -- worthy of those trucks. So what should we be looking for a rich. Well number one is functionality. You have to do the job every time without fail and the best way to achieve that is -- high quality materials and workmanship. Number two is the way it looks into a state of the art powder coating facility could check this -- -- producing the best looking -- in the market. So without further ado let's take a look at what we have. -- is constructed solely aluminum and power community and sober now keep in mind how many different color choices with all of our branches. All engineered to deliver the same harsh environment protection that powder -- offers. Despair as lightweight and compact. But also substantial enough to give you urgent need to break apart from -- -- connections. Incorporated gas shut off toward the top in trying to only get. -- you guys know this piece is a staple of what we do -- -- molestation and on the scene. Now he can get this in the brackets and can be -- on your truck. All of our brackets -- -- and black PC here and look fantastic as a Selma and up. Until next to we have as the regular hundred ranch. Panelists constructed of steel naturally -- made steals well. Built into the design is a rocker -- -- With levers like just the couple Brinkley's you may just approved the content itself specialists army guys -- you know who your car. He can get this in the triple -- holder. Nichols with two -- and 100 ranch. Another configuration is our double headed -- ranch and then has to rocker look years as opposed to want. Recent addition to this line is the integrated -- -- top which is very convenient combination. -- released -- referred to in the beginning are having any hardware configurations include straight hundred -- -- -- -- design. The handles and heads are making the same steel and have a larger diameter greater links not a link if it right in the same bracket the regular -- -- All right another staple of the in the -- firefighter. Distortion and -- -- This tool must be comfortable in the hand because of the -- used to yet. Are you -- -- -- got a glove on that anybody would use it that way it's easy pickle ball on the hard flat surface with those gloves on is a great literature -- On the opposite end of the -- senate side is rock -- love ranch for convenience. All this and it looks great tip. I'm guessing the best -- last. A new release from -- check the personal how her match. This is a great little product and every firefighter should have won their pocket -- -- compact performer made from the same quality materials as the rest of this line but trimmed down within the bellows. Pocketing the turnout here. Measuring and overall I could not happen just when -- closed. Open hydrants turn -- -- -- with the optional remote side. Break loose and -- -- handles her in the non Loren topped anything that may -- it in the coolest thing. Bigger name laser edge right into the had to keep -- from -- the hole and someone else's pocket. Where does the complete collection and went flying and has always in keeping with our philosophy and innovating on the industry standards. If you're interest -- what you've seen here call us this on the web at www. Coachella dot com to learn more about the great ideas. Coming -- of -- check. Good. -- --

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