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Kochek Wrench Product Line - YouTub

Fri, 1 Nov 2013|

Kochek Wrench Product Line - YouTub



[MUSIC] Today we're gonna review Kochek's extensive line of wrenches, including everything from the smallest spanners to our beast. The heavy duty Heinrich Wrench. But first let's talk about what makes a good wrench good. Obviously, a good wrench does not use plastics in its construction. And we are sure to construct ours with only aluminum and steel. The combination of these materials and an iron clad manufacturing process produces a fine product. And that's just what we're gonna look at today. Wrenches should look good too. The days of a wrench is a wrench as long as it does the job are long gone. When you consider that the truck you're gonna mount them to could be valued near the million dollar mark. I don't know about you but I want my wrenches to be just as aesthetically pleasing as the truck itself. You guys have built some beautiful trucks out there and we've done our job to build wrenches worthy of those trucks. So, what should we be looking for in a wrench? Well, number one is functionality. It has to do the job every time without fail. And the best way to achieve that is with high quality material and workmanship. Number two is the way it looks. And with our state of the art powder coating facility, Kochek is capable of producing the best looking wrenches on the market. So without further ado, let's take a look at what we have. Our spanner wrench is constructed solely of aluminium and powder-coated in silver. Now keep in mind you have many different color choices with all of our wrenches, all engineered to deliver the same harsh environment protection that powder coating offers. The spanner is lightweight and compact, but also substantial enough to give you the leverage you need to break apart some of the tightest connections. It incorporates a gas shut off tool on the top, and a prying tool on the end. As you guys know, this piece is a staple of what we do both around the station and on the scene. Now you can get this in a bracket so it can be mounted on your truck. All of our brackets are coated in black as you see here, and look fantastic as a set all mounted up. Now the next tool we have is the regular hydrant wrench. The handle is constructed of steel, and the actual head is made of steel as well. Appended to the design is a rocker lug wrench. With leverage like this the cap won't break loose. You may just improve the hydrant itself, especially some of you guys and you know who you are. You can get this in the triple set holder and it comes with two spanners and one hydrant wrench. Another configuration is our double headed hydrant wrench and it has two [UNKNOWN] gears as opposed to one. A recent addition to this line is the integrated store spanner on top which is very convenient combination. Okay, remember the beast I referred to in the beginning? Our heavy duty hydrant wrench configuration includes a straight hydrant, an integrated pin lug design. The handles are head are made from the same steel, but have a larger diameter and greater length. By the way, they fit right in the same bracket the regular hydrant wrenches use. Alright, another staple of the, in the life of af firefighter,. The store spanner wrench. This tool must be comfortable in the hand because of the amount of use it gets. Ours even feels good in the hand without a glove on. Not that anyone would use it that way. It's easy to pick up, off of a hard, flat surface, with those gloves on. And, it's a great wrench overall. On the opposite end of the, Spanner side is a rock-lever wrench for convenience. All this and it looks great too. Okay, I've saved the best for last. A new release from Kochek, the personal hydrant wrench. This is a great little product and every firefighter should have one in their pocket. It's a compact performer made from the same quality materials as the rest of this line, but trimmed down to fit in the bellows pocket of your turn out gear. Measuring an overall length of 9.5 inches when it's closed. Open hydrants, turn rocker lugs, and with the optional rubber mallet side break loose some stubborn long handles or give a non-marring tap to anything that may need it. And the coolest thing, get your name laser etched right into the head to keep it from finding a home in someone else's pocket. Well, there it is, the complete Kochek wrench line, and, as always, in keeping with our philosophy of innovating on the industry standards. If you're interested in what you've seen here, call us or visit us on the web at www.kochek.com to learn more about the great ideas coming out of Kochek. [MUSIC]

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