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Gustin, Bill-Hoseline Operations for Fires in Multiple-Family Occupancies

Tue, 12 Nov 2013|

Gustin, Bill-Hoseline Operations for Fires in Multiple-Family Occupancies



Hey, I'm Bill Dustin. I'm the captain with Miami Dade Florida, Fire and Rescue Department. I've been in the fire service for over 40 years, began my career as a volunteer firefighter in the Chicago area. And I'm a company officer, yes I'm still on the job, yes I look like I'm old enough to retire and maybe should but I'm here once again at Indy. To teach another class. The class I wanna talk about is hose line operations for fires and multiple-family occupancies. It's occurred to me over the years, that a lot of the material that examines stretching hose lines to the upper floors of multiple dwellings. It's predicated on departments that are running with 4 or 5 firefighters on their engines and that is hardly the face of today's fire service. So I developed this class for suburban fire departments that typically don't have that staffing. Or hose load configurations to rapidly perform a conventional stairway stretch to the upper floors of residential buildings. These are buildings that are not tall enough to be required by code to have stand pipes. Your gonna have to stretch from the apparatus. If you attend the class, hopefully you will learn. Methods and techniques rapidly positioning a hose line with a minimum of personnel to the upper floors of apartments, townhouses, and hotels. Locating a fire in a multiple dwelling. [NOISE] You know, we've got to know, before we go. Before we start stretching hose. A full proof method for determining the amount of hose needed to reach fires, and buildings, and long hallways, and multiple stairwells, the number of firefighters necessary to stretch a hose line and advance it, and there's a big difference, stretching, because when you're stretching, you're laying the hose out dry. Advancing with once it's charged and there's a big difference in terms of how many people we need. Methods for stretching hose lines into the courtyards of garden apartments when pre-connects are too short. So I hope you come to see me in Indy. Should be a good class. It's been well received in the past. and I want you to be safe out there and we'll see you later. Bye

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