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This is Tom -- deputy chief within your city fire department. Let welcome all of you who think Clinton incident commander. Whether you're currently get -- commander or you're firefighter or property officer no intention of her becoming this anchor. I think we have some good relevant stuff for you in this course. You have anything. Hit that number one is improve your ability to see that the picture or her or hurt his operation. And by that I mean being able to look at an operation from the strategic point of view and not get -- This is. You're doing it in other words appreciating the effects of the thing you -- player if you open a window. Open -- you are there other people ran so importantly for future. -- -- -- -- hope to do it certainly the American on the course -- you improve your ability to generally function on our. How do you best -- yourself -- do it quicker simpler and more exercise. We communicate better. What decisions me and and quicker more. I think what you are cheap now or our our company officer -- are relevant course. And again that this it's not just strategies. My own opinion this is command presence should be certain that something that you should be able to. And or is like work but -- Carter and company officers and also find relevant. As -- -- back out of the -- yet in my early years. The last seventeen years. Or -- officer currently aren't division -- -- approximately. And over that period the opportunity to be instantly under. A lot of fire a lot of fortunately her well stumble which could have done better and I have learned from -- -- I've learned from my experience and I let you. Some of the lessons I learned some tools and things that you usually result of -- -- fire officer or chief. I parked -- car structure itself. You'll find that the very hands on course. Good -- -- the course is actually that I don't pay you indicated -- -- or you. You're beginning a series are scenarios I'll ask you. Thought that -- commanders tell us what he was injured when you want your plane has been put out fire. So we will be using CEOs. Case studies. Our brand communications including. Some of the -- who made a communication. You on the -- ground. Using over the Soviet former us a lot of concepts like. Decision making on our. Side we can be easier critters you. We more efficiently communicate to each. And something like stress this is. I don't think -- And our service. Let your chief or -- -- doesn't matter where very stressful work. I think is someone -- I don't use it but my experiences. YouTube and stress in our program content so now that the -- position to make better decisions. Or company at all. I don't know I think you're court views her as possible I'm not here that you you want it -- I'll probably see a lot of resources. Hope that you are -- smaller towns and you're very. These are challenged in terms of personnel in terms of production work -- Rather. So did contact your word at all or urgent error directing -- -- call. My ultimate core would be that you can walk away a little more comfortable with making it is. -- does not fire making quicker or -- -- our ground. Communicating with each other more effectively. And generally conducting yourself. Yelling back -- -- -- talk about. And he -- -- all all of this actually make us safer as part. Okay well I don't see all of you that -- Clinton.